Our First Day at Walt Disney World!! Travel Vlog, Flower and Garden Festival, Hollywood Studios 2021

Hey Disney friends! Today we share our first day at Walt Disney World!! We travel to Orlando from Chicago, check into Coronado Springs, spend some time at Epcot’s International Flower and Garden Festival, and then park hop to Hollywood Studios! It was such a fun day!!!

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45 thoughts on “Our First Day at Walt Disney World!! Travel Vlog, Flower and Garden Festival, Hollywood Studios 2021

  1. Hi!!! New subscriber!! Im so happy i found yall! Yalls spirit makes me feel safe!!! Going to binge yalls videos! (Also in from Texas if you cant already tell by the "yall"!)

  2. Y’all should do a live Q & A sessions! Like I mentioned in my last comment, the way you style your videos is really helpful for those who have never been to Disney but are planning to go soon, as well as those who are regulars! I really appreciate your tips and tricks! 🙂

  3. Love the style of your videos! Definitely helpful for all Disney goers, especially for first timers! Also y’all are super kind too! I hope you had an amazing trip! 😁

  4. These are my favourite type of vlogs! Sending love all the way from Manchester, England ☺️ we miss Disney so much, so watching your vlog fills that Disney shape hole in our hearts 💕 I'd love to know where Garrets Captain America back pack is from? My boyfriend is a huuuge Captain America fan!! ❤️ Thanks guys x

  5. Good job guys.. Might wanna check my vlogs too, Check out my drone shots in Death valley USA and Lauterbrunnen Switzerland . I am pretty sure you will like it !! Cheers…

  6. Hi Alyssa & Garrett! I was wondering when the disney genie app is available, would you show us how it works and different tips? I'm curious about it and wonder how it'll work for you and your laid-back disney travel style.

  7. I watched this entire video and not one second of it makes me want to go to WDW. Not criticizing your vlog, just the waiting, the transport to/from and within the park, paying for every stitch and crumb of anything. Not my jam.

  8. We always leave super early in the morning and have big plans for the day and like you we always just hit that wall sooner than we want to…….🥱😴 … unfortunately we found we have to sleep in order to have a great Disney experience lol

  9. I am taking a trip to Disney World in a couple days and I am so exited🥳🥳. We are staying at Copper Creek and it is our first time staying at that resort. I love watching your Disney world vlogs, they are so much fun❤💕

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