PortAventura World Travel Guide – Transportation, Accommodation & Top Tips!

Welcome to the Theme Park Worldwide Travel Guide! In this Episode I’ll be sharing information about how to plan a trip to PortAventura World in Spain. Home to two theme parks and a fantastic waterpark, PortAventura is home of some of the best roller coasters and immersive themed areas in Europe! Throughout this video I’ll cover the key points of planning a trip to this theme park resort, such as transportation, accommodation, theme park tickets and top tips!

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36 thoughts on “PortAventura World Travel Guide – Transportation, Accommodation & Top Tips!

  1. Heya Shawn, I appreciate you so much for making these travel guides as I want to go to some of these parks in the future – I'm planning on doing an EU trip next year with a small but well put-together company called Coaster Breaks (run by a fellow coaster enthusiast named Mark), with the trip starting in Belgium and running through Germany and the Netherlands, finishing back in Belgium. It's one of 3 trips CB currently offers; limited for now as they've only started up recently, plus the whole pandemic situation.

    Some of the other parks that aren't included in the trip I'm doing next year are probably gonna be added into a future EU road trip. I was wondering if it'd be possible for you to make EU & USA guides for road trips incorporating theme parks? Again, thank you so much for making these guides as they've helped to open my eyes to how accessible these parks actually are.

    As for PortAventura itself, I'm hoping to go there in the autumn/winter next year!

  2. Your travel guides are so useful for planning our future theme park holidays!!
    Please can you let me know whether you are planning to do one for Liseberg? Many thanks! 🙂

  3. one time when i was on the plane nearly landing in reus airport i hear people screaming saying "OMG ITS SHAMBHALA AND RED FORCE!" because they could see the coasters out the window.

  4. I went there in summer 2019 with my family, we used Reus airport and the views when you get off the plane are fantastic. We stayed at a hotel that was a 5 min walk from the park. The night life is fantastic as well at the park. It was certainly my favourite European holiday so far.

  5. This is bringing back so many memories right now.
    My parents used to spend their holidays in the area before the park even existed.
    I was only 1 year old when I first visited the park and during my childhood we went almost every year. My parents told me that one time we went to spain in a totally different area, like a three hours drive away and because child-me could not accept the fact that we're in spain but not going to PortAventura I was rebelling so much that we took the trip to the park even though it was so far away and my parents wanted to see a different part of the country for once 😂
    So this park always had a special place in my heart and even though my home park is and always was Phantasialand I am still looking forward to every visit to this fantastic resort.

  6. Hi shawn Thankyou so much for this travel guide. I have been interested in going to port a ventura for a while . I'm not well travelled abroad so this was very helpful and reassuring. It's definitely going to happen when we can all go safely. Love as always Tracey xxxx

  7. Last time I visited Port Aventura (I’ve been many times) there were signs everywhere about big, big queues on all the major rides,. As I was there for just a day I thought it prudent to buy a fast track pass, so I could cram in as much as I could. However on walking around from Mediterranean land to the first themed area I soon discovered although busy, there were no such queues at the rides. 15 – 20 mins max. Not the 90 mins displayed. I didn’t need the fast track at all. On returning home I wrote to the park, they weren’t the slightest but interested. They weren’t at all concerned I’d been duped into buying an adult pass for two people. So my message is beware – don’t rush ‘to pay ‘extra for this. Look around first. I could be a costly mistake – and the park doesn’t care.

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