Reacting To My Old Life In Malaysia: Storytime, Expat Life, World Travel

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Reacting To My Old Life In Malaysia: Storytime, Expat Life, World Travel

Thanks for walking down memory lane with me! This was fun (and rather emotional) to experience those moments again. What a fun experience that was living in Penang Malaysia for 4.5 years, making friends, having babies and creating so many breathtaking memories. Thanks for watching xo Amanda

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Life in Malaysia Playlist:
On TV Vlog:
Reasons to Stay in Malaysia:
Welcome to the Jungle:
Farewell Malaysia Vlog:
I Need a Massive Change (hair switch):

00:00 introduction
01:13 why it’s hard for me to watch old videos
02:36 watching one of my first “viral” videos
03:38 talking about how quickly friendships form when overseas
05:11 discussing how video appeared on Malaysia TV
05:41 watching my last mommy/baby group video, my farewell party
07:12 discussing a tradition we started as people left our group
08:22 getting emotional watching the goodbye party
08:45 looking through a photo album of my time in Penang Malaysia
09:30 telling the story of the chaos of leaving Malaysia
10:45 a very touching final moment
11:25 discussing my strong emotions while watching
12:30 watching “welcome to the jungle” video
13:52 a fun moment with little EsmΓ© and Mommy
14:32 a very “Amanda” moment
14:53 watching a vlog in Penang, Amanda changing her hair
17:20 Amanda revealing her hair to the family, priceless reaction
17:38 Jack’s reaction
17:53 the story of my family leaving Penang Malaysia and what happened next
20:00 discussing how this hobby became a job and gratitude

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36 thoughts on “Reacting To My Old Life In Malaysia: Storytime, Expat Life, World Travel

  1. Not just street food is nice. The high end food such as those in fancy restaurants dotting KL are sophisticated and delicious. The hotel buffets are legendary, if you can afford them.

  2. If you miss MALAYSIA..
    So do us as Malaysian..
    Please come again..

    Do remember this basic malay language..
    Welcome = Selamat Datang
    Good Morning =Selamat Pagi
    Thank You = Terima Kasih
    See You Again = Semoga Jumpa Lagi..

  3. Amanda muse.. If u miss everything's about Malaysia, Malaysia was open for you forever… I hopes you will visit all places in malaysia.. From Perlis to Sabah n Sarawak Borneo..

  4. 4.5 years is a long experience living in Malaysia. U have two wonderful children n many wonderful moments down in memory lane. True enough, different country, people n multi culture do pose a unique challenge n u did it in flying colors.

  5. First time watching your video, not sure how it popped up on my ipad. We are 3 years out on planning to retired in Penang, we want to send our daughter to Dalat International school. We have been an expat for 19 years, still going at it because of our job but I am ready to settle down in Penang. We can’t wait to get there, it seems Penang is such a beautiful place, thanks for sharing with us your experiences. Great memories!

  6. Do you stayed at Quayside apartment in Tanjung Tokong? I have my expat friend from Austria has lived there but moved already to another country and still as expat in Spain.

  7. You really good I been watching your video for quite some time I near write any comments to any video you are the first one I enjoy keep up with good work dear you doing great job and I love Malaysia been there few times for holiday

  8. Haha, banyak betul Proud Malaysian kat sini. Ni kita panggil youtuber pancing views. Tengok video2 dia, kalau malaysia je mmg sampai beratus2 ribu views. Easy-money: dia guna white privilege utk pancing korang tengok. Bukan dia je tp youtuber lain pun sama

  9. Hi Amanda, I’ve just found your channel and found your experience pretty much the same as mine. I lived in KL (Ara Damansara) for five years and loved the experience. I miss it very much after a year away and now live in Australia. I cannot agree with your comments on Tesco. The Tesco near my house was rubbish and a few other supermarkets nearby were much better. Anyway keep up the good work terima kashi

  10. You know what.. I really loved you video.. especially about your experience living in my country πŸ‡²πŸ‡Ύ. Hope you can visit Malaysia sometime.. you are always welcome here..

  11. Do you cook while you were in πŸ‡²πŸ‡Ύ Amanda? Did you cooked Malaysian malay, chinese or indian food while you were here.. did you still remember how to cook them now?

  12. I hope that one day you and your family will be able to return to Malaysia, and feel that familiar excitement of returning 'home'. Much love, from KL

  13. Plz come again ,,,coz the malaysian people like english language white skin and blu eyes more than his owen parents and culture so plz plz come again πŸ™ˆ

  14. Do live in Malaysia.??
    Do u like a country Malaysia..??
    Would u like to try speaking loghat Malaysia..??
    Would u like to add me as a little friend with u..??
    I love your youtube channel..
    About you comment how Malaysia did the possible – Covid19 in Malaysia..
    I wish you to be here with me..
    & I love u.. (smile)- (^^,)
    & i'm Malaysia people.
    If u like the Malaysian food.. of Nasi Lemak.. , U.. can try to cook it and upload it the video on U.Tube i like to see it how can u cook it the first favorite Malaysian food -(Nasi lemak.. version U.. (^^,)-smile..
    U can watch it any and many channels on U.Tube how to cook it.. I very like to see U cook Nasi Lemak(Coconut Rice with sambal chili sauce.. ) and serve with the egg ,cucumber… uuh sound so delicous.. (**,)
    Here's some recipe of U.Tube i copy paste..
    And if you very like it.. then cook it, i very like n so excited wants to see.. Version and Style dish.. you cook the traditional first food of Nasi Lemak..
    and i lovee you (^*,)

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