Round the World Travel Modifications – Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports

In this video I’m doing a walk-around of my 2018 Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports and tell you about all the things I modded on the bike in order to make it more suitable to my RTW travel needs.

Here the links to all of the things that I installed on my bike, please notice that a lot of it is on German retail websites, because that’s where I live and order my parts:

Tubeless spoked wheels for my second set of tires:

SW-Motech side carriers:

Kriega mounting plate for soft-luggage:

Kriega OS-32 and OS-6 bags:

SW-Motech center stand:

SW-Motech side-stand foot:

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SW-Motech EVO footpegs:

Outback Motortek crashguard system:

V-Trec clutch and front-brake lever:

Bark Busters:

Bar risers:

RAM mount:

Kaoko throttle stabilizer:


7 thoughts on “Round the World Travel Modifications – Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports

  1. 20mm limit on height in Germany? That's odd. Most stock bikes are horribly uncomfortable (in the bar area) from the factory. Also, no cruise control? Sell that thing. There's no excuse for a flagship bike to not have cruise these days.

  2. Nice setup. I own a 2017 model, and i installed the Heed Bunker crash bars. I don't do adventure riding, but i wanted something serious in case of a fall. The Heed crash bar is nicely made for the money.

  3. Der Stürtzbügel greift an der linken Seite um den Rahmen. Da wo das Rahmendreieick ist. Hast du das selber gepolstert, damit die Farbe/Rahmen durch das Metall vom Stürzbügel keinen Schaden nimmt ? Oder wird es gummiert/gepolstert von dem Hersteller geliefert wie bei Heed ?

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