Round the World Trip | Worldwide Walkers Travel Channel Trailer

Round the World Trip | Worldwide Walkers Travel Channel Trailer! This is our story about traveling the world. Please subscribe if you want to follow our journey. Thanks!

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—————- OUR GEAR —————-
★Camera Lens
★Small tripod
★Big tripod
★Camera strap
★ND filter
★External hardrive
★Glenn’s backpack
★Cecilie’s backpack
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☀️ About us———————————
Hi, we are Glenn 🇧🇪 & Cecilie 🇩🇰. A couple going from a 3-year long distance relationship to fulltime travel. Instead of deciding which country to live in together, we saved up money and went on a trip around the world. This is how far we have come. We don’t know where we will end, we are just trying to enjoy the journey. We always love to hear from the people who watch our vlogs, so don’t hesitate to leave a comment if you have something on your heart.

Thank you for watching! We appreciate it a lot. Happy travels!


17 thoughts on “Round the World Trip | Worldwide Walkers Travel Channel Trailer

  1. what an awesome channel trailer you guys, looking forward to checking out your other videos! glad you're no longer in long distance, we used to do that – not that fun hahaha just subscribed and let's stay connected!!

  2. Wait…you go from long distance relationship to being together because of travel! This is an even better story than we thought. 🙂
    Glad to hit the red button & support fellow journeyers, get you closer to 1k!

  3. Wow guys! what an exciting trailer! I honestly cant wait to watch more of your videos! We have pretty much done the same journey we have so many similar places to share we cant wait to see your adventures on then. 1:02 was my fave part hahaha. You guys have such a positive attitude we love it. Keep going and keep up the great videos you will are rising stars! Stay safe

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