Royals Brunei Airlines at The World Travel Awards 2021

We’re thrilled to officially announce that RB has emerged as the winner for Asia’s leading Airline: Business Class 2021 and Asia’s Leading Cabin Crew 2021 at The World Travel Awards πŸ† 🌏 This is our second consecutive win for Asia’s Leading Cabin Crew and the first for Asia’s Leading Airline: Business Class and we’re proud that the warm and genuine Bruneian hospitality our service embodies has left a lasting impression on all who voted for us. On behalf of RB, we extend our heartfelt thanks to all our guests, friends and fans for your continuous support. Congratulations to #TeamRB for these remarkable achievements!

We’ve also received nominations for the same categories in the world region: World’s Leading Cabin Crew 2021 and Business Class 2021. If you have experienced and love the warmth and hospitality of our genuine Bruneian service, we’d really appreciate your support to vote for us. Voting for these two categories is open until 25th October 2021. To vote for RB, please visit #worldtravelawards #royalbrunei #cabincrew #businessclass


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  1. congratulations to RBA for emerging as the winner for Asia's leading Airline: Business Class 2021 and second consecutive win for Asia's Leading Cabin Crew 2021 categories among the other great airlines at The World Travel Awards and GBY and your family from a Malaysian who was born on 8th December 1997 in Brunei. I am a Pentecostal and Charismatic Christian.

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