RVing Florida's Emerald Coast // Destin, Navarre, Pensacola, Fort Walton and Panama City

RVing Florida’s Emerald Coast! Destin, Navarre, Pensacola, Fort Walton and Panama City…is this Florida’s nicest strip of sand? Are these the nicest beaches in Florida? Is it worth making a stop here and paying a bit more?



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Nathan would work in California for 2 years, save every dollar he could, move abroad, find a job in that country, live there for 1-2 years and then do it all over again. Each time, he’d learn the language of that country, acquire new skills & make lifelong friends.

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48 thoughts on “RVing Florida's Emerald Coast // Destin, Navarre, Pensacola, Fort Walton and Panama City

  1. That was 1 of 2 storms like that we had in the matter of 2 weeks. They were no joke because of tornado threats but it was only high end Tropical Storm level type conditions for a short period of time. Imagine all that wind and rain for a couple of hours and that is what a weak hurricane is like. Still something we don't worry much about here.

  2. Wow, I just found your channel thinking about getting an travel trailer, and what a coincidence that you are where I am living right now haha!

  3. as a local, we don't pay much attention to tornado watches/warnings. we don't have basements anywhere in the panhandle anyways. biggest concern is don't be anywhere close to a large tree in case it falls because of high winds.

  4. Great Video! I’ve lived on Pensacola Beach.. At times the gulf will get clear as a swimming pool . Blue. Y’all should have shot a video at Seaside. It is right pass Destin on 30A. It’s the coolest community on the panhandle.

    BTW, there is a RV park in Destin were you can setup your RV on the beach.. on the sand.. with a power pole! It’s pretty awesome..

  5. Welcome to Florida other places you should check out are Morrison Springs in ponce de Leon about 1 hr north east of Destin. There are a lot of river and springs in area as well. Hope you enjoy your time! From a local born and raised.

  6. Home town born and raised. All we ask is you dont trash our beaches and respect the natural beauty. Advice for tornadoes in an RV how about getting bike helmets . When you call a gas station your talking to a low wage employee just saying… Your better off watching a weather app on your phone.

  7. I’ve lived in Panama City Beach / Mexico Beach for 8 years now and you have to check out Alys Beach if you haven’t already! It’s absolutely beautiful, with amazing food! Also if you want your own “private beach” experience go to Mexico Beach! I know everyone thinks it’s still messed up from the storm but it’s just like how it was before! Absolutely stunning! 😌

  8. We moved to the Emerald Coast for the beaches. Really well done video. Been here for a bit now and you can start to take advantage of how insane the beaches are here. We live about a minute off the water (that minute saves a ton in insurance!) I’d argue best in America, let alone Florida. Thanks for the reminder!

  9. If you get a Seaside Florida where The Truman Show was filmed those houses are 1.5 million. It's literally everything you need in one city block. It's got a church, school, bookstore, music store, marketplace.

  10. Our parks fill up very quickly- so each park is almost always “not guaranteed re-entry”. There’s multiple that will have a line a mile long at 8am. Absolutely love seeing my home from others perspective. 🦋

  11. Nah, go to Vieques PR. Best beaches in America. Jacque Once said that was the most beautiful beach in the world. That and the beaches in Culebra and La Isla Verde.

  12. You two are crazy to stay there with those severe warnings I was there years ago storm came in and blue all the RVs around beautiful place to visit when the weather is cooperating love your dance moves and your sense humor stay safe you didn't mention the price of gas while you were down there

  13. Glad you like where I live. OBW the palm trees are native to our area lol. Storms are a little rare during this time of the year. Glad you were okay. Yes we are in the South

  14. Awesome video!!!! Get a boat anchor. Pound it into the ground up wind from camper. Then hope the other campers don’t fly into you. Just kidding. But I think I’d rather be in the truck with a roll cage.

  15. If you know nothing about Florida, it is full of money (rich people) everywhere…even down here in Fort Myers. Cape Coral. Naples. Marco Island. Millionaires everywhere.

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