Sailing Turkey Gulet Cruise | First Time Trying Rakı | Full Time World Travel Vlog 5

Sailing Turkey Gulet Cruise | First Time Trying Rakı | Baranta Yachting | Full Time World Travel Vlog 5

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This Turkey travel vlog we set sailing on our first gulet cruise and first cruise in general. We went with Baranta Yachting on the gulf of Gokova tour. Sailing the Mediterranean is a great way to see some off the beaten path parts of Turkey and is a great way to try Turkish food that you might not come across. We got to eat Turkish meze, bulgur, Rakı and köfte.

Baranta Yachting

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22 thoughts on “Sailing Turkey Gulet Cruise | First Time Trying Rakı | Full Time World Travel Vlog 5

  1. for the record turks did not forced greeks, as you can even see today greece has a very low population and it was even lower back then and to have a dominantly greek nation state and boost their population and recover their economy from the burden of unsuccessful attempt to invade turkey, greece demanded population exchange and turkey happily accepted, greece wanted orthodox Christians and sanded muslims to turkey not just ethnic turks, muslims and looking back of course it was hard on people whom had to leave their hometowns from both countries but i think it served a purpose because after a bloody war and very violent attempt to invade turkey if population exchange did not happen there would have been a civil war between war torn people

  2. Wonderful Turkey, MashaAllah, the best most beautiful people in the world….and what beautiful scenery and the best food…. Glad to see you guys enjoying with locals instead the typical tourist routine, enjoy the land and ignore the locals…. See how wonderful they are…love it…. Stay classy.

  3. In 1923 during the population exchange 99% of Turkish people weren't Nomads anymore so your captain literally fabricated stories for you guys, LMAO!! By the way population exchange got decided by both sides that Greece wanted to send 600,000 Muslims and Turkey sent 1.5 million Greeks as there was no way both populations could live together anymore after the civil wars. Still women could have got more lands around that area as he told due women in Turkey got full rights way before than even some western countries like France, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland etc but it definitely not because Turks were nomads as we weren't 😂😂

    By the way you are drinking Raki wrong as it is extremely hard to drink it neat!! I can drink whiskey or vodka neat no problem but not Raki as it completely destroys my stomach but if i drink it with some cheese or my favorite strained yoghurt (Süzme yoğurt in Turkish) it becomes countless times more enjoyable and less harmful especially for next day :))

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