Saira Hospitality: London, We’re coming home…

We’re beyond excited to be opening our first hospitality school in the English Capital…it’s about time, we know.

With the support of London’s leading hospitality brands, we’re uniting a collective of businesses who share our passion for educating local communities and re-thinking the hospitality industry’s standard hiring practices. Our six week programme equips students with the knowledge and skills they need to build meaningful careers in the industry and our proud partners then have the opportunity to hire graduates directly from the process once the programme ends.

Why now?

After creating pop-up hospitality schools the world over for some of the best names in the industry, there’s never been a greater need to bring our approach to London. After Brexit and the pandemic, the perception of a career in hospitality has changed. Our process creates a new approach to sourcing and training, which attracts new and growing talent who see hospitality as the exciting, life-changing industry it is.

About Saira Hospitality

Saira Hospitality is a non-profit enterprise, creating viable partnerships between communities and luxury hotels by empowering locals and providing hotels with a committed workforce. Partnering with luxury and lifestyle hotels to create bespoke pop-up hospitality schools to educate members of local communities for employment in hospitality positions from line level to mid-level. We educate and equip students with the knowledge and life skills needed to create a career and build a future in the hospitality industry. Content features key topics such as tangible and intangible service qualities, loyalty programs, turnover, service recovery, mindfulness, and wellness, cultural, and emotional intelligence is taught in addition to a focus on soft skills, experiential learning, and communication skills. We further identify the future hiring needs of partnering hotels and incorporate as much of the brand’s orientation, culture and training as possible into the high-quality curriculum content so students at the end of the program form a pool of well-trained, local labor for the brand to hire. Above all, Saira identifies members of the local community with the hospitality gene being the desire to serve. At Saira, we set out to prove that through community education, turnover rates in the hospitality industry can be greatly reduced on a global scale.

Our process (in a nutshell):

Source: Saira HospitalitySource: Saira Hospitality
Source: Saira Hospitality
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