SKROSS® PRO (3-pole, world travel adapter)

Compact, universal genius for use on the go

When travelling abroad, tablets, hairdryers and cameras often take a break themselves – unless the SKROSS® PRO world adapter provides the necessary mains connection!

The unique, compact 3-pole adapter connects devices from all Schuko standard countries, such as Germany, France, Belgium and even Egypt, in over 120 countries on all continents.

SKROSS® keeps you connected at all times – whether in New York, Sydney, Rome or London.


15 thoughts on “SKROSS® PRO (3-pole, world travel adapter)

  1. Okay but what if your power outlet doesn't have the hole for the earth plug, but the plug on the adapter includes the earth plug ? I had to buy another adapter to fit into my adapter in the Philippines !

  2. But you can't use it with a common hair dryer, because it's over the maximum Ampere the fuse is designed for. That's why they mention a Drill and a hair curler, but not the obvious hair dryer. That's deceptive.

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