Sorèze – France – Where boys were trained to Colonise the world – Travel Guide

In today’s video, I visit the historic town of Sorèze. Situated in the South of France nestled in the foothills of the Black Mountains. A town no bigger than 3,000 people is worthy of a visit even as its emerging for the devastating impact of Plandemic that has destroyed the global economy. Join me while I explore Sorèze & check out the Saint-Ferréol Lake.

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11 thoughts on “Sorèze – France – Where boys were trained to Colonise the world – Travel Guide

  1. Absolutely love soreze, my wife who's french and I (Irish) are currently working on a barn conversion there in the hope to move out there eventually!!! We'd love to meet some English speaking people but they seem very scarce!!

  2. Hello !!! Might you walk in the streets without means of protection?, do you know Alex , Russia created a vaccine from Corona Virus, did you hear about it ?

  3. Lovely tour. We need your parents to wave on camera in their matching shirts. The mother superior of that abbey hid seven Jewish children during a gestapo raid directly in the cellar under the abbey during ww2.
    Is there a PayPal option for your support ?
    Keep posting the great videos.

  4. Myyy word only one minute in and let me just say what a gorgeous little town that is. I love those blue blinds. Love them.🤍💛🤎💚💙🧡❤️
    Can't wait to see the rest.
    I haven't finished your last upload I need to do some catching up.
    Thank you so much for all your wonderful work.
    Very much appreciated indeed.

    PS I am flying to Hanover soon, and to be honest I am a bit worried about the protocols regarding the new procedures at the airport. I haven't flew since February. 🤭
    Any advice besides the usual procedures, mask/hand sanitizers etc.

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