SpaceX's Starship: Earth to Earth Travel

SpaceX also has big ambitions for Starship to send passengers around the world.
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34 thoughts on “SpaceX's Starship: Earth to Earth Travel

  1. 30 minutes you say but that's not including the 40 min boat ride at either end, the hour or 2 to go through security and load everyone at either end. and the fact you have a 1 in 100 chance to explode. it would actually take about 5 hours and 50 minutes to get there. as well as the fact that this would accelerate climate change so much that airplanes would look environmentally friendly.

  2. This isn't practical rockets are too explosive for everyday travel.

    Unless he figures out some serious countermeasures to unwanted explosions he's screwed, his rocket runs off Liquid Methane and Oxygen as fuel for the raptors engines it's a large number of mechanisms, automated systems, and not to mention the engine's themselves that have to work perfectly every single time for flights to be successful in not be scrubbed that's why space flights can be canceled at the drop of a dime at the smallest mishap in he wants to make this a common travel, in rockets are essentially bombs with nozzles at the back to direct the controlled explosion so really no rocket can become a safe mainstream travel without proper countermeasures.

    Not saying it isn't possible but using starship without major changes and protective measures put in place would otherwise make It infeasible.

  3. Instead of a flowing platform for a Spaceport, why not create a small island for the Spaceport. Look at Japan's airport island that I believe is near Tokyo.

  4. Yes…I hate long hour flight….I traveled once from Dubai to Sao Paulo in 17 hours….no way….boring….flights by plane should not last longer than 4 hours!!

  5. I like the sci-fi to sci-possible connection in this video. Of course this technology wouldn't work on a practical level but I have no doubt that people will try doing super-sonic commercial passenger flights again. I really hope that people can focus more on both making airplanes even more efficient fuel wise and perhaps finding ways to do away with using petroleum almost altogether.

  6. Even if it was twice the price of an economy ticket, it'd still be worth it.

    1: get to see space and experience weightlessness. 2: According to SpaceX, most trips take less than 2 hours.

  7. i sense a full loads of jealousy from this channel's report on Elon's invention to making human travel faster, THEY are the REASON why human develop so slow today, and that's why we still haven't get on Mars for once yet.

  8. I see the flights being just over 2k dollars. Which isn't bad at such speeds. The launch costs 2 million. So, divide that by a thousand cuz a thousand people. And you'll get 2k dollars. Plus the boat trip so, just over 2k dollars will be a single ticket. Which again, ain't that bad.
    P.S. I would obviously fly in that. Hopefully even further than earth.

  9. Ladies and gentlemen. This is your Captain speaking. Today we will be cruising in space and flight time should be around 38 minutes. We hope you enjoy your flight and if you throw up 🤢 than you won’t get anything cause that’s normal on Starship! Have a good flight. LOL 😂

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