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Travel with me remotely on this amazing and unique one-of-a-kind world travel channel, where we will be going all around the world starting from the very first country starting with the letter A right through to the very last country that starts with the letter Z and then we’ll start this amazing world travel all over again so that we will just only learn more and more in this wonderful world in which we live. Should be a great deal of a lot of fun, wonder, and education, as we go from country to country from A to Z. Hope that you will thoroughly enjoy this new world travel series of videos on this great channel as we travel all around this beautiful world of amazement and wonder.

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Hi everyone, my name is Piapie and I’m a Filipino flight attendant based in the Middle East. I have been flying for quite a while now and I’m sharing with you the life of a flight attendant.

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QATAR AIRWAYS Assessment day Process:

How badly do you want to be a FLIGHT ATTENDANT:

CABIN CREW morning routine:

My CABIN CREW Accommodation in Qatar

My CABIN CREW journey


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