Starship | Earth to Earth

Starship will be capable of taking people from any city to any other city on Earth in under one hour.


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  1. Ah yes, you suggest literally strapping people to intercontinental ballistic missiles as a form of transportation that would be literal torture for 30 minutes because of how much force there would be (3 Gs) and make a video that makes this seem like a super cool futuristic idea that is actually realistic. That doesn’t even mention the cost of the damn things. How innovative.

  2. “Anywhere on Earth in under an hour.” Not quite.

    30 mins to board ferry
    40 mins ferry transport (optimistic)
    30 mins to exit ferry
    30 mins security
    30 mins to board rocket
    30 minute flight time
    30 mins to exit rocket
    30 mins to board ferry
    40 mins ferry transport (optimistic)
    30 mins to exit ferry

    Total: 5 hours 20 mins (optimistic)

    Other things to consider:

    1. The weather requirements for a rocket to land are extremely strict when compared to commercial airlines. This will lead to unimaginable delays.
    2. The fuel requirement per passenger will be at least 5-10 times greater. This means 5-10 times greater fuel cost and 5-10 times greater emissions.
    3. The risk of death is 54,000 times higher. (1 in 100 rockets will explode vs 1 in 5,400,000 commercial planes that will crash).
    (3a. Rocket science is a mature field. The first rocket was built only 7 years after the first working plane. This risk factor will not magically change.)
    4. All passengers must undergo minimum of 3-6 months of training to withstand the 3g's of force that a rocket will apply to their body.
    5. The Concorde could fly the same '30 minute' distance in about 2 hours, and still failed commercially.

    TL;DR – Elon Musk is selling you hype to inflate the value of his stock.

  3. This seems very ass backwards from a carbon omissions standpoint If even 10% of airplane flights became rocket flights it would be out the amount of carbon savings from all vehicles being electric

  4. Starship's max speed is 27,000 km/h, due to this, the passengers onboard will be subjected to 3gs. Rockets release far more CO2 than airplanes, so if we use it more often, it will be worse for the environment than conventional airplanes. Oh, and with this you are literally strapping ordinary people onto f@cking rockets, and blasting them across the Earth. Rockets are currently no where near as safe as airplanes, so accidents will be very common. Starship Earth to Earth is insane, and maybe Musk's dumbest idea!

  5. That vision is amazing, but would probably speed up climate change in a way that elons gradchilds will be only be able to survive on earh surface if they can afford climatized spacesuits.

    He needs to wake up to his responsibilities

  6. Yeah, a flashy video like this can't hide the fact that this is a stupid idea and no this isn't another one of those situations where everyone laughs at the so called genius who had an amazing idea then prooves them wrong later on.
    No this is just plain a stupid idea even with common sense.

    1. Try convincing passengers to go through 3gs. I'm sure lots of people with underlying conditions won't have a stroke or a heart attack during launch.

    2. The boat ride to the rocket site will take hours cause the dock would be far away.

    3. Rockets tend to I don't know, explode and I doubt there won't be any casualties. Commercial flights have less than one accident per one million trips and people are already paranoid at being the next plane crash victims. I doubt any rocket can go that many trips without having a dozen or more accidents or so.

    4. No way are countries gonna agree on potential intercontinental ballistic missiles flying over them.

    You don't need to be a rocket scientist to comprehend basic facts that prooves this is a stupid idea.

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