Strolling The Haight Ashbury – SAN FRANCISCO | World Travel Vlog

The Haight Ashbury is a very famous area of San Francisco. It is primarily known for the hippie movement that had its peak in the 1960’s and 70’s.

Im sure any hippie from back then would say it looks pretty mainstream now, but to us non-hippies it still has plenty of edge and is worth a visit:)


6 thoughts on “Strolling The Haight Ashbury – SAN FRANCISCO | World Travel Vlog

  1. She spent a lot of money, n did not inhale the toke smoke, smell, bitch about the prices for homes, what would you sell yours for,, your in s f .. becareful do t go to the pier 39 west n get ripped off by the shell man n his gang hanging out.somebody needs to shell game him..

  2. I love the Haight-Ashbury District!! I had gotten my nose pieced just before visiting once and found the silver stud I have been wearing for the past 15 years.Thanks for reminding me how I miss San Francisco!! ;b

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