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A last minute international trip and that too with very less prep and really excited to be getting on another trip. Since this is a surprise destination, I want to reveal the location of this International destination in this vlog

Welcome to my channel one and all. The idea of this channel is to share content from all over the world in Telugu and this endeavor seems to be getting some traction. I want to mix travel videos, along with daily lifestyle vlogs and other kinds of content as well.

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39 thoughts on “Surprise revealed – New International Trip | Telugu World Travel Vlogs | Ravi Telugu Traveller

  1. ప్రపంచం లో ఏ దేశం వారు అయినా భూమి పై పండిచినవి, భూ పై పెరిగే జీవాలు కా కుండా తినే పార్ధాలు ఏమయినా ఉన్నాయా

  2. What a show of images. I really liked the channel, and this video in particular, because it tells a whole story, from the plane, tours, the city, etc … congratulations for the creation and idealization. I also love to travel the world, and I am passionate about new destinations. Thanks !! What will be the next destination ???

  3. Mr Ravi Prabhu ! You are an asset to the travellers & especially to Telugu people . You are happy & making others happy through your travel videos . CAIRO is wonderful to look at through you Mr Ravi . 2001 2011 & 2021 wonderful coincidence indeed Mr Ravi ! From New Mexico USA camp 28.2.2021 . Great pyramid inn Hotel in Cairo Geeja platough . We can see pyramids from the windows of the INN wonderful scene !

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