Swim Around the World – Travel With Your Career

Looking for a career that matters & one that is recognised internationally?
Train to be a swimming teacher with STA!

Becoming a swimming teacher is a fantastic career path for those who are looking for a rewarding, active and challenging role.

With STA’s Swimming Teaching qualifications being recongised globally, you can travel with your career and earn while you explore.

STA are a UK based award-winning charity and the founding members of the International Federation of the Swimming Teachers Association (IFSTA) holding affiliation with 21 member countries including the USA, Australia and Singapore to name a few.

Benefits of STA’s Qualifications:

– Become a fully qualified swimming teacher with STA’s level 2 qualification(s)
– Internationally recognised, allowing you to travel with your career
– STA Level 2 Certificate in Teaching Swimming qualification meets CIMSPA’s employer-led swimming teacher professional standard
– Training offered at affordable prices
– No prior experience or qualifications required

Find the right qualification for you today:

Become an IFSTA member:


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