The best gear and tips to keep your house warm in winter (2021)

You have at home The airtight integrity of a submarine with a screen door. The expensive heating you pay for in the fall and winter is constantly mixed with cold air through windows, doors, floors and electrical sockets. The buildings — even the new ones ড়া are much more dramatic than one might expect, and the amount of winter air that can enter through the smallest cracks in the pinhole is as significant as the mind.

There are a few quick fixes to alleviate this. You Can Buy a thermal leak detector to find cold spots in your home, but before you buy anything, take a cursory look. You can get an idea if there are gaps in your door frame and baseboard and if you can feel the cold air entering through the weather stripping around your windows.

Here are some things you can do to keep your home warm and warm this winter. These are all readily available projects that anyone can deal with and none of them cost too much money. They can even pay for themselves, including saving on your electricity bills.

Updated November 2021: We have replaced DAP clocks for GE clocks, added electric socket plugs and another jacket to keep warm, and updated retailer availability and pricing.

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Get caulking

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If you’ve lived in an apartment or an old house, you probably haven’t found the gap in the 90-degree angle where your wall baseboards meet your floor. These gaps may not seem large, but the amount of cold air through them and into your home is significant. Also mold for gaps around the window frame.

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