The BMW GS Experience – The DREAM of WORLD TRAVEL

The GS Experience began 30 years ago when BMW created their first production enduro. At that time, the world of adventure motorcycle touring was just beginning. Today, adventure riding is one of the motorcycle industry’s fastest growing segments and more and more people are discovering the GS Experience.

Today’s motorcyclists have more information, better equipment and more opportunities than ever before to realize their dreams.

Off-road training programs are available so that GS riders can learn how to take advantage of their bikes capabilities. Opportunities for adventure riding have expanded through GS related events, rallies and competitions taking place across the country and global tour companies offer exciting opportunities to experience the world of travel on GS motorcycles.

BMW Motorrad wants you to get the most out of your motorcycle. Whatever your dream of riding a BMW GS is, it can be achieved. With a little training, a little preparation and the right attitude, anything is possible on a BMWGS motorcycle.

Welcome to the GS Experience.


19 thoughts on “The BMW GS Experience – The DREAM of WORLD TRAVEL

  1. I had a R1100GS for 23 years and only just explored some of Australia, I ended up giving the bike to my son, gosh I miss that bike as I felt it was a big part of my life and the bond we had travelling…..

  2. I enjoyed the two videos very much. Me and somne friends want to go to Iceland in 2015.
    Currently I drive a Suzuki GS500E, so I will need a new bike for iceland. I'm not sure which bike I should take for the ride. I can get a R1100GS with low mileage for a good price, but I like the F650GS Dakar very much too, not only because its ~50kg lighter than the 1100.
    Can you say me which bike you would choose for that trip?

  3. I was told that all people are diferent. Hey, gays from video, every single word you said is my word. I have V strom 650 and satisfied with it , except lack of power. But definitely I will not settle down until I buy GS adventure and this big hearted ,beautiful ,stunning video made me work on it as hard as possible. thank you for filling my bikers-minded reservoir to the top. THANK YOU. And You, GS , I wish you very long and happy life together with Your devoted friends who fly on Your back

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