The Don'ts of Visiting Beverly Hills

What NOT to Do in Beverly Hills
Hey there fellow travelers, Beverly Hills is a must visit destination on pretty much everyone’s Los Angeles Itinerary. There is a lot to do in Beverly Hills as a tourists, but there are few don’ts as well. Here we go over what to do and not do in Beverly Hills as a tourist.
Filmed in Beverly Hills, California
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42 thoughts on “The Don'ts of Visiting Beverly Hills

  1. There is free two hour parking garage on Beverly Dr. The security people are cool. Some people doing personal videos might get upset when you start filming them. Yes it’s expensive but you feel rich being there.

  2. I have a funny memory of Beverly Hills. When my sister and I were younger, we were in a jewelry store on Rodeo Drive along with our dad. A very pretentious store clerk was talking to us in a ridiculous accent that sounded like a mixture of Moira’s from “Schitt’s Creek” and Frank’s from “Father of the Bride.” My sister later asked dad: “Dad, what kind of accent is that?” My dad responded: “Made up.” Beverly Hills described in two words.

  3. I realized that the fact that you're moving from one holiday spot to another, (at speeds somewhere in the order of the speed of light), is as fascinating as the content. Now, that's how to live! Good on you, professor! And thx for the video.

  4. One of the biggest downstairs don’t go there this place is too freaking dangerous so San Francisco LA you can’t paint a happy face on California stay the hell out I’m telling you you’ll get killed

  5. Fun fact , apart from motor ways and dual carriage ways which have clear “no pedestrians signs” you can cross a road anywhere in the UK. You don’t have to even wait for Trafficlivhts to turn geeen by law you must give way or slow down to someone crossing the road wherever they are doing it

  6. I was hoping you might mention the food in the area of Rodeo Dr. There are many excellent restaurants in what I call "The Rodeo Dr Triangle". It's bordered by Santa Monica Blvd on the northwest, N Rexford Dr on the northeast and Wilshire Blvd on the south. You can find some really unique restaurants that are a bit more expensive but worth it and there are also the cheaper chain restaurants here as well.

  7. I’m visiting Disneyland in April with my family but I’m making sure to take a few days to hit the town and one day will for sure consist of Hollywood/Beverly hills/Santa Monica! I can’t wait!

  8. I visited once, 3 years ago to the day actually. I was in this cafe to buy a water and use the restroom. I looked up and saw a guy and said “That guy dresses like Ozzy Osbourne”. I turned around to walk out the door and saw Sharon Osbourne then I said to my friend “Well, he dresses like Ozzy because he is Ozzy” 😂
    Was way too scared to ask for a picture.

  9. I remember going to Los Angeles and my friends took some tour to famous houses or something to hopefully see celebrities. I didn't care and went to a Dodgers game. What was funny was at the end, I saw someone famous at the game and my friends didn't. And in case you're wondering who, it was Jennifer Love Hewitt (sorry about the spelling and I'm not sure if she's really famous anymore).

  10. Honestly, Beverly Hills experience is kind of overrated and obviously, a bit pretentious. Anyone coming here to LA, I advise you to spend that time elsewhere. LA is so big and unless you're balling and really want to drop some cash, Beverly Hills isnt really the best place in LA.

  11. My tip as an Angeleno: Book an Airbnb in West LA. West LA is in the thick of things and you will be able to get to Beverly Hills or Abbot Kinney in 15 minutes by car. Try to get an Airbnb within 4-5 blocks of the Expo Line. That way, you can get to the heart of Santa Monica Beach or Downtown LA in 20 minutes. So basically book something close to the intersection of Pico & Sepulveda!

  12. Harriet and i visited Los Angeles back in December. Window shopping is our speed. However, the food was fabulous albeit a liitle pricey. Harriet and I thought that the Grove shopping Center in Los Angeles on Grove Drive near La Brea had a better vibe. Kid Friendly as well. You were spot on with the don'ts of visitiing Beverly Hills . All the best. Jim and Harriet

  13. A really nice place (and free) to check out at Beverly Hills is the public library. It’s nice and quaint and there’s almost always something going on there, and if not there is a really neat used bookstore.

  14. Also don't try and get pictures at the Beverly Hills Hotel anymore. The security guards will chase you away on their Segways because too many TikTokers were swarming there lol

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