They Sell Tea to Travel the World

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Today in Kochi, I came across a regular tea shop to get some Indian chai (my favorite drink here!)

The tea shop, Sree Balaji, is owned by a lovely couple in 70s — Vijayan and Mohana. After speaking with them for about 30 minutes, I was in awe by their inspiring life story.

Vijayan and his wife both shared a common dream to travel the world, but money was always an issue. So 55 years ago, Vijayan took up selling tea on the streets of Kochi.

They saved 300 Rupees ($4.20) every day for decades, and they used this income (together with bank loans) to fund travels to 23 countries! From Switzerland to Brazil to the USA, and they don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

Vijayan and Mohana are a perfect couple who is living the happiest life that anyone can live. I am so happy that I dropped by their tea shop today, and I wish them the best of luck in their future travels!

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30 thoughts on “They Sell Tea to Travel the World

  1. Great midset and doing the basics to fulfill their dreams. Running a business and travelling the world. Such great structure and planning. Happiness is success.

  2. Bank loans to fund their holidays and then wasting 3 years to pay their loans??? What a stupid strategy!! This is a vicious cycle which they are in. It doesn't seem like they had any dreams of having children just a dream of seeing the world at the expense of keep falling under debt.

  3. This job is better than doing data structures really ! They still travel the world ! I can live off lower salary , oh wait! The salaries are not good enough anymore anyway ! Thank you folks !!

    Also please for real DO NOT COME!! It’s sad but true !!
    They will force their incompetency on you to upgrade and update tour skills and get them
    Promoted and compensated while you will live with what you have ! Better stay home please ! Sell tea at home ! And travel worldwide !!

    Agar ghar chod ke aaye, toh dhaag A See jagah lagayenge nagar wale, KEY dhaag lagane walon ko aap DHOONDTE REH JAVOGE!!!!!!!!!!

    Not Bea! Bea hurts !! They work hard but hurt !!

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