This Is How Much 1 Year of World Travel Cost Me

Ever wanted to quit your job to go travel the world? That’s exactly what I did. In this video, I not only reveal how much it cost me to travel the world for one year, but explain my budget mindset and how it can be cheaper per day than living at home.

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36 thoughts on “This Is How Much 1 Year of World Travel Cost Me

  1. You travelled the world on a very less budget! We should not compromise with the cost especially while travelling devoloping and under developed countries because it may get us trouble sometimes. I recently came across james asquith's video where he share his experience of travelling the world.

  2. So, you spent a year's worth of salary with no income? Granted, you were able to travel, but what did you put back in the bank? Did you have to live with parents to make up the years salary? Because, your subscribers and views are very low considering other youtubers. At least you got the experience.

  3. Definitely cheaper than living at home. I spent 5 and a half months in Europe, 6 weeks in Africa, and about 2 months in South America for about $14,000. I suppose it really depends on how you spend your money, and how you save it. I had many months of free lodging, and also used points on some flights. I also had an efficient route to minimize flights, took lots of buses, and minimized getting cars except when absolutely needed.

  4. So since accommodation is also a huge expense did you mainly stay at hostels? Or even couch surf? As these would be no no for many people ? Very much appreciate your video as it's an inspiration to all. I plan to travel with a budget of $3k a month.

  5. Dude, its not the money that is spent, its the money that is not earned thats the significant expense. Time >>> dollars actually spent on travel. I would do it too, but just cautioning that the math is actually not in favor of traveling, unless the other option was 365 days of unemployment.

  6. a couple questions if you may
    what kinda places would you stay in?
    and also regarding food you said you would cook but you also did check the restaurants every once in a while?
    also how long did you stay in each country?

  7. A very inspirational video! Love that you mentioned to have a budget conscious mindset and to travel like a local, not a tourist. I seem to forget that sometimes! Also, couldn’t help but notice your beard in the photo montage. Looks pretty cool πŸ˜‚

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