This is SINGAPORE 🇸🇬Is this the BEST City in the World? Travel Guide to the City

Last week we searched for the best views in Singapore and this week we continued to explore the beautiful city while trying to find the best things to do in Singapore.

Our hotel (Hotel Indigo Katong- was situated in the historic neighbourhood of Katong so we decided to set out to explore the area. We came across one of the most instagramable place in the city called Koon Seng Road, with historic shophouses in loads of bright colours, this is not to be missed in Singapore.

From there we came across a Hawker Food Centre called Dunman Food Centre. We tried a dish we hadn’t had previously called Duck Noodles.

After this we made our way to Marina Bay Sands to the Cloud Forest, which is an indoor parklike greenhouse featuring many exotic plants, the world’s tallest indoor waterfall, and a walkway that reaches high up into the highland like setting. We thankfully timed our visit with the “mist” that blankets the plants a few times each day.

Once we were done at the Cloud Forest we headed over to the Art Science Museum to visit their exhibit called Future World. The highlight of the exhibition was the last part called Space where you feel like you are surrounded by stars and constellations from fibre optic type lights hanging all around you.

Finally we finished the day at Haji Lane. An “indie” type neighbourhood with great cafes, street art, boutiques and restaurants- we spend the rest of the day exploring this unique street in Singapore.


Singapore is one of the smallest countries in the entire world, but it is also one of the most exciting and prettiest places in the world.

Singapore, has many things for you to enjoy, and it is constantly evolving, and reinventing itself. Singapore is one of the best places if you like to explore, try new food, enjoy cultural spaces, socialise and look for adventures. It is one of the most interesting and innovative places all around the world.

Koon Seng Road
Go northwards from the temple to the corner of Tembeling and Koon Seng Roads. Along the small road, you’ll find some of Singapore’s prettiest heritage shophouses. The ones here are painted in elegant pastel hues, and bear reliefs, motifs and other intricate flourishes upon their façades. You will find the views incredible, and the atmosphere traditional and warm.

Dunman Food Centre
Dunman Food Centre is unique in that it is a very relaxed environment. Unlike the typical rushed vibe in most other food centres there is almost no rush here.

It’s small but it sure packs a punch with many good food stalls available, most of them as good as the best in Singapore

Cloud Forest
Cloud Forest at Gardens by the Bay is up there with Singapore’s most impressive attractions. This staggering greenhouse-like glass dome can be seen from miles away, and is just as stunning inside as it is from out. Its smaller brother, Flower Dome, also makes up the pair of giant man-made structures, but it is the larger, climate controlled Cloud Forest that attracts the most visitors with its jaw-dropping architecture, spiralling walkways from the top and the world’s tallest indoor waterfall that rains down from over 100 feet above

Art Science Museum
As the name suggests, ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands beautifully fuses art and science to tell fascinating stories. This premier venue houses a constantly changing line-up of major international touring exhibitions, brought in through collaborations with organisations such as the American Museum of Natural History, the Smithsonian Institute and world-renowned furniture designer Herman Miller.

Haji Lane
This tiny lane, hidden away in the heart of the Muslim quarter, is a fashionista’s paradise. With very little fanfare, the collection of narrow shop-houses have, in less than a year, been transformed into an aggressively hip retail stretch recalling Le Marais in Paris or New York’s Meatpacking District.




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37 thoughts on “This is SINGAPORE 🇸🇬Is this the BEST City in the World? Travel Guide to the City

  1. Thanks so much for watching.😀Don’t forget to hit the 'thumbs up' button if you enjoyed the video and hit SUBSCRIBE (and that little bell) to follow along on our travels. Malaysia..we're coming for you next! Stay Delightful!✌️

  2. You both very lucky young couples go to Singapore for your holiday love your choices and enjoy your beautiful healthy foods there thank you for sharing Bless you all have a good day thanks

  3. I know you both love. Singapore the. foods are very good healthy foods and lots of it Singapore got the best foods in the world every one love them enjoy your food and shopping as well thank you for sharing Bless you all have a good day thank you

  4. You guys sure know your way around, and where the interesting and pretty stuff are. I think many locals themselves dont even know of that lovely hotel you stayed in Katong. Or even the timing of the mists in the Cloud Forest LOL Including the Science Museum which is so pretty, so gorgeous with those lights. Great to see you all enjoying the time there, especially the food!

  5. Beautiful houses is very old and beautiful thank you for sharing your beautiful video love your video it is the best country in the world you got to be very rich to live there some very rich People an afford to live in. Singapore or born there is very rich country now and very safe.

  6. Wow Dunman Hawker centre, you guys really went into the heartland. Try heartland HDB towns next time e.g. Bedok, Ang Mo Kio. Welcome to Singapore. 🙂

  7. It’s interesting that you would find Grab affordable when locals mostly feel that it’s overpriced, since public transportation is significantly cheaper. Perhaps a difference in perception, is uber in Canada relatively more expensive?

    Glad you enjoyed yourself in our beautiful country and had a good mix of modern sights and some insight into our heritage. I recommend you have a full experience of the uniquely South East Asian Peranakan culture by going to The Peranakan Museum and then finishing it with some Peranakan food. Personal opinion – Peranakan food is the best kind of food, and that’s saying a lot given how much wonderful food sg has to offer 😂

  8. I am from Singapore and yes, there are expensive tourist attractions but there are also cheap and free places as well such as Singapore Botanic Gardens, the areas outside the Marina Forest Dome and free sky view at ION orchard. Cheap food options exist at our local food eateries called hawker centres, with some of them even winning Michelin-one star awards. And yes, that main street down in Chinatown, you have a Hindu temple, a Mosque and a Buddhist temple that are built along the same stretch of road, which demonstrates the uniqueness of racial harmony in Singapore. Do check out other places when you come next time =D

  9. Most boring , serouious people and over hyped and expensive place for what it offers …. not even worth spending a dollar here …… lot of negativity in this place

  10. Wow a lovely Singapore travel video here Anna & Trevor. Yes plenty of great food in Singapore. I just found your channel & it’s really beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing your Singapore trip. Fun watching. I just subbed. If you are free, please visit my travel channel. Thanks

  11. Thanks for visiting my country and making it so inviting on your vlog. The next time do visit the public residential estates (or aka HDB flats) where 80% of Singapore’s population live in. You can see the older estates (Toa Payoh, Bukit Merah) to the newer estates in Sengkang and Punggol. Go on a heritage trail like Tiong Bahru. See the locals away from the touristy sites.

  12. Very lucky you both in. Singapore I agree with both of you is the best place you can enjoy with out worry about pick pocket and crime I,m Singaporean now I live in. Spain do not like it here I cannot come home because of selling my house first you both enjoy it while you can thank you for sharing Bless you both enjoy your holiday, 22–11–18.

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