This is Why Philippines WON the WORLD TRAVEL AWARDS! (We Feel Proud)

This is Why Philippines WON the WORLD TRAVEL AWARDS! (We Feel Proud)

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34 thoughts on “This is Why Philippines WON the WORLD TRAVEL AWARDS! (We Feel Proud)

  1. I can see that Lucy has a resemblance to my fav American actress Drew Barrymore 😘😘😘 so cute with your facial expressions sometimes and love that you're very simple yet stunning

  2. These were the things I like about ur channel, to travel even when I'm juz home. Thanx a lot for ur effort, for taking me with u on ur journey, learning things both old and new. Hope u cud also visit the Samar part, esp the eastern. Thankx a lot. GOD bless and bless you both and have a safe travels. Good morning.

  3. Hi Geroge and Lucy… I'm a silent follower and browser of your contents the whole time that you've been vlogging. I'm so grateful for your amazing comments about our country our people and even our weather. I am so touched also by your full "becoming Filipino" attitude to the extent of feeling proud for the Philippines for garnering the Travel Awards of the World. i am from Bicol Region and I pervently hope that you can visit my place the Bicol Region. I'm sure you'll gonna enjoy as well our place especially the infamous Mount Mayon Volcano… the World's Perfect Cone volcano…

  4. When you plan on going to Coron/Busuanga, I recommend staying at Busuanga Bay Lodge. It’s about an hour from Coron Town Proper, but it’s worth it. The place is like a paradise. They have great scenery while you’re having your meal or swimming at their pool. The staff is awesome too. And the owner is so down to earth. Been there 5 yrs ago, but I’m pretty sure they still have airport service and they have packages for Coron activities.

  5. New location added to my travel goals list! Another great YouTube video on this subject is 106 Days on Planet Classroom Network. Through beautiful imagery, this video documents a student's travels in the Spring semester.

  6. I still have $100k worth of "unrefunded" Boracay advanced reservations with my Travel Agency since 2019. Hit me up for huge savings so I can get some cash back 😂💰

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