This Resort is a Mega-Scale Reproduction of Planet Earth’s Moon

MOON Will Incorporate The World’s Largest Sphere

Michael R. Henderson & Sandra G. Matthews had an objective to develop a resort with an authentic, mega-scale reproduction of planet earth’s moon, incorporating the world’s largest sphere. MOON will be licensed in four global locations; asia, mena, europe and north america. The project touches on hospitality, entertainment, education, attractions, the environment, technology, and space tourism. with a focus on architecture, engineering, design, and art, MOON will deliver a contemporary, futuristic, and unique destination resort, encompassing 515,000 square meters of spectacular next-generation leed certified built environment.

MOON will reach at least 224 meters above ground level. the sphere diameter will be a minimum of 198 meters. precise site-specific dimensions will adhere to regional airspace and locally mandated height restrictions which may permit a taller and wider superstructure. MOON incorporates a true sphere as opposed to many buildings which claim to be spheres when in reality they have a dome or partial dome structures.

MOON Will Welcome 10 Million Annual Guests

MOON by Michael R. Henderson & Sandra G. Matthews delivers the critical ‘bridge’ enabling a mass audience to actively and affordably participate in the excitement. $500.00 will provide a 90-minute excursion on MOON’s lunar surface to include exploration of its active lunar colony. moon will comfortably welcome 10 million annual guests while delivering 2.5 million guests to its 4-hectare lunar surface. a 12-month site-specific planning exercise followed by a 48-month build-out will deliver MOON at a us $5 billion project cost. moon exemplifies the ‘bilbao effect’. it borrows on the legendary genius and undeniable intellect of fellow canadian visionary, frank o. gehry; then injects a steroidal overdose of grandiose scale and complexity to our next human home; earth’s moon.

MOON’s lunar surface featuring an extensive fully operational Lunar colony. guests will access this unique attraction for 90 minute periods.

MOON Dubai depicted on the site of the amazing Burj Khalifa.

One of moon’s 4000, 5-star/5-diamond luxury hotel suites featuring ‘windows to the world’ a design concept first created by mwr circa 2002.

MOON’s breathtaking night club; join in the never ending party under the watchful eyes of an alien spaceship controlled by the galaxy’s most coveted dj’s.

Unique shuttle experience guests will reach the lunar surface, some123 meters agl. the shuttle system will circulate around the hotel superstructure and inner sphere void area.

MOON’s event center can comfortably welcome 5000 guests to major live artistic productions.

MOON will provide 46,452 square meters of spectacular convention space. As a fully integrated destination resort MOON is capable of hosting most major conventions and meetings.

Relax at one of MOON’s multiple lounges.

Resident and touring shows will perform at MOON’s spectacular show theater.

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