Top 10 best Cuisines Food From Around The World – Travel Tides

Top 10 Cuisines From Around The World – Travel Tides

Top 10 Food From Around The World – Travel Tides

Top food

Best Food From Around The world

Best Cuisine From Around The world


32 thoughts on “Top 10 best Cuisines Food From Around The World – Travel Tides

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  2. My top 5 cuisines:
    01 Italian 🇮🇹
    02 Indian 🇮🇳
    03 French 🇫🇷 – best deserts come from there
    04 Fijian 🇫🇯
    05 English 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 – English Sunday roast is the best thing in the world

  3. The creator surely is a Pakistani coz Pakistani cuisine doesn't generally figure in top 10 and is but a cheaper version of the Indian cuisine. Also he is foolishly saying that China starts from himalayas while its geography actually lies far off from the there…

  4. There is no such thing as top 10 best food
    Just because you're not familiar with foods from other countries does not mean those you're familiar with are the best.
    This list may be best food for you but not best for everyone else….

  5. Europe:
    The most famous: Italy, France, Spain
    Very recognised in the USA: Greece
    Less known, but also very diverse: Portugal
    Honorable mention: Poland, Hungary, Ukraine, etc

    Near/Middle East:
    Turkey (the most famous), Lebanon (relatively famous), Iran

    Morocco (wellknown in the french speaking world)
    Honorable mention: Egypt, Ethiopia, Nigeria, etc.

    The most famous: China, Japan, Thailand, India
    Becoming increasingly famous: Indonesia, Vietnam
    Also relatively recognised: Pakistan, Malaysia/Singapur, Philippines, Korea

    (Latin-) America:
    Mexico (the most famous), Peru (wellknown in the spanish speaking world)
    Honorable mention: Argentine – steaks

    Top 8: Italy, France, Spain, China, Japan, Thailand, India, Mexico (no particular order)
    Top 15: + Greece, Turkey, Lebanon, Morocco, Indonesia, Vietnam, Peru (no particular order)
    Top 21: + Portugal, Iran, Pakistan, Malaysia/Singapur, Philippines, Korea (no particular order)

  6. Decent selection. These Top 10 usually contain 8 countries (Italy, France, Spain, Mexico, China, Japan, Thailand and India) and add two others which vary depending on the natonality of the person who makes the video. You let Spain aside and mentioned Pakistan, Lebanon and Vietnam…. Is like a Top 10 from an asian perspective

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