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I started traveling the world seeking adventure on a shoestring budget at 17 years of age. I’ve now been to 140 countries on 6 continents, but my desire to experience new, exotic and sometimes dangerous things has just never let up. Whenever I can, I head out for an unplanned, off-the-beaten path journey to a new country to meet the locals or natives, try their food, and experience their world.
My great joy in life is traveling and getting to share my travel experiences with others –
both the good and the bad.
If you look at my videos you can see that I try to show extraordinary and beautiful things, even in harsh conditions.
Thanks for watching, and join me each week for a new video of my adventures.


25 thoughts on “Trailer for Dr. Adam's World Travel Channel

  1. Hello Doctor. I would like to open with the fact that I have Asperger's Syndrome, which effects my ability to act normal in social situations and know when I am being awkward. Despite that however, even I know that to represent myself with animals being torn apart, is not really socially acceptable, and would make people question who I am as a person and what my mental status actually is.

    You contacted me on a local Facebook group asking to collaborate with me, and the first video I saw from you was a zebra getting it's face torn off by a crocodile, with the thumbnail being EXACTLY that. No censorship or warning whatsoever. And to scroll through that playlist and see majority of the videos being similar things, with the occasional video being what you represent with this channel trailer, it turned me away from ANY desire to be remotely associated with you.

    Generally, when you share your profile with someone that you wish to collaborate with, you don't want to open up with something of that nature. Because now I get the impression that you ENJOY watching that type of content. I can understand and respect that it's just nature, but it is disturbing to watch regardless. If I were to see anybody just casually watching that, I would be EXTREMELY concerned about their mental health. And to know you live in my area and possibly enjoy watching that content, is quite concerning to me now.

    There is no way of changing my opinion of you whatsoever. BUT if you would like to avoid future judgement like mine, I recommend you scroll through your channel and make those types of videos unlisted and link them to a single video that people who get the sick pleasure of seeing animals being torn apart can click the link and watch the playlist at their own digression. Or make a separate channel called "Getting off to dying animals" and upload them there. But hey, that's just my opinion.

    I wish you the best of luck in your life, especially in future events that you introduce yourself the way you did with me. I am almost positive that 90% of people would feel the exact same way.

    Save your channel, take down the animal death videos.

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