TRAVEL ADAPTERS and Power PLUGS explained | World Travel Tips

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In this video, we’ll cover all you need to know about power plugs and outlet styles around the world, like how different countries use different voltages and frequencies, what to look for when you’re buying a travel adapter, and why all that matters when you travel abroad.

See the full list of plug types/outlet types by country:

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32 thoughts on “TRAVEL ADAPTERS and Power PLUGS explained | World Travel Tips

  1. is using a powe adapter will lessen the fast charging? I'm playing to buy a phone but the charger that goes with it is a different type on my country

  2. Hi there i really wanna charge my electric longboard when im on going but sometimes i cant find a place to charge it so i thought if there was a adapter that goes from eu stick to a usb that i can plug in my powerbank? Pls answer

  3. I only buy appliances with type A plug as it is the most common – US and Asia is ok, then I have 2 light plugs for Europe and UK. Usually can ask hotel desk if you don't have right plug.

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