TRAVEL ADAPTERS & Converters Around the World | Travel Tips 2020

In this video, we’ll cover all you need to know about travel adapters, power plugs, and outlet styles around the world, like how different countries use different voltages and frequencies, what to look for when you’re buying a travel adapter, and why all that matters when you travel abroad.

More information See the full list of plug types/outlet types by country:

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3 thoughts on “TRAVEL ADAPTERS & Converters Around the World | Travel Tips 2020

  1. Warning, mine is slightly different and made in China and it melted so I took it apart it to find probably the best design to start a fire, totally insane ! Something has to be done , Thanks so much for making this video , your so correct. Every one, to save as many lives we must get this information of this outrage to every news station every where ! I would buy name brand and Demand certification like UL and CE

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