TRAVEL : Gypsy Barefoot Cecilia (Barefoot girl "world travel")

During a movie’s session at Nîmes, walking in the street this automn for “photocall” inside the town…


15 thoughts on “TRAVEL : Gypsy Barefoot Cecilia (Barefoot girl "world travel")

  1. 🔴 A pretty girl with pretty feet, who goes barefoot, is a gift from Nature.

    It's beauty at its most. It's poetry.

    A girl who walks barefoot outside, in the street, in public places, shows she's a free spirit, she's natural, she's delicate and feminine… but, at the very same time, determined and tough… she wants to be barefoot and is able to walk like that no matter how rough or hot the ground is. Her dirty soles are well inured, leathery, as nature intended, ready to take her wherever she wants. The dirt highlights the curves of her well shaped feet, by leaving only her arches clean and pristine. Tough soles are the price, and they are beautiful by themselves.

    A pretty girl with tough soles shows that she's pure, delicate, but strong too… and even sexy !
    ~ “And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair” ~ Khalil Gibran

  2. me encanta este vídeo es genial poder ver unos pies así de hermosos los pies mas bonitos son los que se disfrutan viéndolos descalzos y todos negros por caminar sin zapatos arriba el andar descalzo; eso no es malo y si a los demás no les gusta andar caminando sin zapatos  es porque son de mente cerrada e ignorantes arriara y animo a todos los que les gusta andar sin zapatos, si uno anda descalzo no es por ser podre sino porque le gusta y no le da pena lo que los demás digan 

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