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30 thoughts on “Travel Vlogger [Conner Sullivan] – (World Travel Vlogs, Travel Tips, Life Inspiration)

  1. A few people ask me how I can afford to travel.  I can tell you that anything in life is about priorities.  For me, travel and exploring are at the top of my list, so I work (like everyone does), I save my money (like some people do), and I don't waste my money on things that I feel are unimportant (like even less people do) – like alcohol or video games to give common examples .  I wear the same few pairs of clothes every day, I am single, I don't eat out often, and I don't care what people think.  If you lived like this, you too would save hundreds of dollars a month that you can use on cheap flights.  If you research online right now, you could buy a ticket from LA to Paris or LA to Asia for 200-300$ and live in a hostel for 5$ a night (Asia is very cheap).  At that rate you only need to make about 750$ to travel in Asia for one month (round trip), probably 1000$ for food and other expenses.  If you work 40/hr a week, at minimum wage, you will make more than 1000$ in a month.  I realize that many of you may have a stationary job or a family or might think that travel is impossible for you.  The simple answer is: it is not impossible.  You just must choose your own priorities and how you will spend your time and money.  This is my passion, so I am going to dedicate my time and money to it.
    Every time I make a purchase I think about how that money could be used for travel (it is that engrained in my mind).  If I think about buying a 4$ coffee, I will be thinking about how I can buy 10 coffees in Asia for that same price.  If I think about getting a 200$ pair of shoes, I think about how I can buy a 200$ flight and see South America tomorrow for that same price.  For this very reason I have worn the same pair of shoes for over a year (check my videos).  Everything in life is priorities.  I have learned not to blame circumstances and just make things happen.  At the end of the day, you can comment, you can talk, you can do whatever you want, but YOU are the person that has to deal with yourself everyday.  Just make sure you like who you see in the mirror, and if you don't, pick yourself up and change it by working your ass off.  Nobody else can do it for you. 
    PS – My reason for travel is not about making my life look "cool".  I want to walk in the shoes of many people around the world and really understand cultural differences and how we are all connected as humans.  It is much deeper rooted than just "That looks so fun or awesome."  It's truly a passion that I am willing to give my time and life to.  Find that passion or purpose that you have deep inside, and find a way to do it.  Again, that is up to each one of us as individuals.  Thank You guys for the support.
    – Conner

  2. I'm a Croatian who just saw all your videos on Croatia back to back and was taken back by the effort you put into trying to learn our difficult language and you were soo excited by every single thing, completely positive and it left me feeling happy,fulfilled and so much more. I think from this it's pretty evident I subscribed, but also a word of advice from a Croatian … Our language is completely phonetical, which means that each letter on it's own sounds the same in any word, so if you learn the Croatian alphabeth and how to pronounce each word on it's own, you'll know how to pronounce any given word (excluding some words taken from other languages but those are mostly English so no worries there). It'll be much easier trying to read out anything and the only thing you might struggle with is what part of the word to accent, but even if you accent it wrong people will know what you're saying. Also good luck trying to figure out the difference between č,ć or dž,đ and even better luck when you figure out when you speak it out loud the difference doesn't really matter, but whatever you do beware or l. Nj is pretty easy because it's the literally the same as Ñ

  3. Hey brother I am in india ,I am in tamil nadu , you must have visited tamil nadu ,it will be damn good ,the food ,the culture,you would look it like a heaven ,if you are planning to come to Tamil Nadu ,just mail me or reply this comment ,if you come here I would be a guide for you ,I would take you every where you want ,just enjoy your life brother ,if u see this comment please like and reply so I will think my time got some value ಠ‿ಠ

  4. your new subscriber from India… My first inspiration Teacher…Bcoz I was thinking about suside and suddenly I saw your video..tnx brother and one more thing I'm girl and mother of two toddlers…you've opened my eyes…tnx bro again tnx… plz reply me… sorry English is not my language… if I have made any mistakes on typing sorry

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