Turkey's Turtle Beach + Pide "Turkish Pizza" | Dalyan | Full Time World Travel Vlog 4

Turkey’s Turtle Beach + Pide “Turkish Pizza” | Dalyan | Full Time World Travel Vlog 4

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This Turkey travel vlog we look for turtles when we visit one of the worlds best beaches and one of Turkeys most beautiful beaches. istuzu beach in Dalyan (also know as Turtle beach) is a conservation area only open between 8am – 8pm. After a day searching for the loggerhead sea turtles we look for some of the best Turkish food. Pide also known as Turkish Pizza is something we needed to try. We got a Cheese pide and a meat pide, both were delicious and worth a try. Next in the turkey travel video series we head to Bodrum for a gulet cruise.

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50 thoughts on “Turkey's Turtle Beach + Pide "Turkish Pizza" | Dalyan | Full Time World Travel Vlog 4

  1. As a Turkish, I don't think i had such cultural journey in my country and you guys take me through to our history.. This is amazing..Keep doing what you doing beans.. I like Alex's humour tho.

  2. Brilliant video very arty, definitely a place i want to go to, anyone reading this check out Terry & Kelly Dalyan travel video who spent 2 weeks in the resort, I recommend for anyone who wants more in depth information on Dalyan to check that out.

  3. Hi You made me laugh saying that it looked like there was no hiking here in the Dalyan area. I live here and hike myself silly. Feel free to pop in if you ever come back and I will take you on your best hike ever. Check them out on my channel if you want.

  4. If you care about the turtles and you're going on one of these tourist boats – make sure the boat has a protective guard around the propellers and go with someone who doesn't feed the turtles.

  5. Such an incredible beach. Love how you explored to protected turtle beach. Love the story of the joking gentleman who freaked you out about the time of the boat tour. The pizza looked incredible. Even though you couldn't share the visuals of those turtles so glad you both got to enjoy them. By the way , could you watch our latest video as we'd love to hear your thoughts as well. We started our PERU series. YAY

  6. WHAT TURTLE BEACH?! We hadn’t heard of turtle beach until this video!! Great find, we’re going to add this to our road trip! Amazing video with really good information.. thank you!

  7. The Turkey department of tourism needs to hire you! These videos are capturing the absolute best of this beautiful country! I have been to Turkey, on a cruise, and it was the highlight of my cruise! I had not expected that! Far exceeded what I imagined Turkey to be like. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🥰

  8. Love the subtle use of up in here – dmx! Great cheap boat trip to a stunning beach. What a bar steward of a boat captain, sounds like the power went to his head. The Turkish pizza things looked ace but what was it about those Burberry lined chairs, bit chav tastic

  9. Oh I don’t like the term “Turkish Pizza” for pide , wrong naming which is also used by some Turks too. In fact pide is the origin of pizza and one should say “italian pide” for pizza 😉 anyways, I know, it is about which is more famous 😕

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