Two Small Towns with Big Impact in Slovenia! 10 Things to Do on a Day Trip to Kranj and Skofja Loka

When you are in Slovenia, Kranj and Skofja Loka make a great day-trip from Ljubljana or Bled. Both of these towns are charmingly scenic and despite their small size, they will leave a big impact on you.

In this video, you will see….

The Highlight Reel 0:00
The coolest lawnmower we’ve ever seen 1:33
Brdo Castle 1:58
Plecnik Arcade 4:38
Church of St. Sebastian 4:42
Kranj Cathedral 4:59
Kokra Canyon 5:05
Grad Khislstein 6:11
Majdicev Log 6:17
Hudiceva Brv 6:40
St. Cross Church 7:33
Skofja Loka Castle 8:38
Coming up next week 9:00

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21 thoughts on “Two Small Towns with Big Impact in Slovenia! 10 Things to Do on a Day Trip to Kranj and Skofja Loka

  1. Wow what a beautiful place to explore and definitely perfect for vacation to those who loves to travel around the world. Keep up the good work my friend and more vidz to come.

  2. Wonderful! Love those villages and scenes in nature. I miss travelling. That little lawn mower was cute. I've seen orchids in a botanical garden in Hawaii, but that is not in the wild either. Enjoy your time in Slovenia! 😀👍

  3. Hey again guys!! Oh my goodness, this is taking us back to our 2021 summer when we ended up in Slovenia by accident but absolutely loved it!! That lawnmower – I am also equally amazed by it. The forests there are super beautiful, and the swans are so tame! These little towns are absolutely gorgeous, especially at sunset. Love how green everything, and the cute little houses. Thanks so much for taking us around!! What a wonderful day you must have had 🙌

  4. Who knew Slovenia was so pretty and I’m totally obsessed with the roomba lawn mover. We totally need those in the USA. The waterfall and church at the end looks so pretty. Thanks for taking us along

  5. April has yet to drive a foreign car in a foreign country because Wayne always "has to do" the driving! We want one of those lawnmowers, so cool! Love the tree-lined paths! What exactly is the Plecnik Arcade? Lovely views indeed at 6:27. You know we always enjoy a visit to a castle!

  6. Skodas have definitely come a long way in the last 10 years or so, they used to have a bad rep but we had one for a few years around five years ago and it was so robust.

    Craig loves those lawnmowers, our wedding venue had them which I swear helped sway him to choose it! 🤣

    Those orange rooftops look so familiar of the beautiful European old towns we love so much!

  7. Wow, how green and beautiful Slovenia is! So exciting to explore this beautiful from your perspective. Renting a car to explore around is a great idea, definitely makes traveling around much easier and free! All the castles, the canyon, the church and every single spot you visited is so amazing! Love this video!

  8. What a wonderful video, they are absolutely charming the first town had elements that took me to Hallstatt on Austria (I think it was one building) and the grounds of the castle looked ao enchanting with all the walks and giant lake.

  9. Hey guys, I am so glad you rented a car to be able to explore more.

    That lawnmower 😆 I have never seen one like that!

    The garden area was so pretty 😍 all of the paths lined with trees looked so nice 😊 and the orchids were beautiful. I've never seen them in the wild either.

  10. I want that lawn mower!! My husband would love it. These all seem like great things to see and do in the area. I'd definitely want to visit the castles and the waterfall. The canyon looked really pretty too. Nice and shady. And the views of the town from the church were so beautiful!!

  11. Wow guys, so glad you hired a car (also, what an awesome rental!) and got to see these 2 beautiful towns 🥰
    Everything looks so perfect and straight out of a movie…loved the Brdo castle grounds, the green grass, the streams and ponds…just beautiful!
    Skofja is stunning…must’ve felt like you were walking in a fairytale town 😅 the castle on the hill with the cute cottages at the bottom ❤️ love the view from the church!

  12. You are gathering beautiful memories as you go. I always get the feeling I'd like a week or two somewhere just so I can get to see more of what a place has to offer. It's a time thing though isn't it? You've shared some of the cherries on the cake so thank you for that. Have a great week. 🙏 🇳🇿🙋‍♀️🇳🇱

  13. A very nice share👍👍. The footage is very high quality, keep it up, keep uploading successful videos. I'm looking forward to new videos. God bless you and your family.🤲🤲Greetings from Turkey, hope to see you again.🙋‍♀️🇹🇷👏👏👏👏🛎👉
    Reklamlar (ads)👍👍atlamadan  tamamı izledim, çok güzel ellerinize sağlık 🙋‍♀️❤🌹🌹🌹

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