Ultimate Walt Disney World Trip and Travel Hacks List!

We’ve gathered a TON of Disney World Trip and Travel Hacks for you here on the DFB Guide Channel and we can’t wait to hear yours! Leave your tips in the comments!

Snacks FAQ:

Using Garden Grocer at Walt Disney World:

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37 thoughts on “Ultimate Walt Disney World Trip and Travel Hacks List!

  1. AJ please address the discount if you have a Disney visa card. Lots of places especially in Epcot will not honor your Disney chase discount. When I called Chase they said Disney had to address the problem but Disney said it was chases problem. I spend lots of cash and the discount helps. Please help

  2. My hack is less of a hack and more just a good idea.
    First, my family usually travels with just four people total, and all of us are adults. Last time we went to Disney, we took a nap every single day. We'd go to one park, head back to the hotel at noon, take an hour nap, and head to a different park for the rest of the night.

    It was great, cause we missed the most crowded, hottest part of the day, and after the nap we all felt like we were human again. We did the same at Universal. It really changed our trip for the better to have that extra bit of sleep and downtime in the middle of each day.

  3. I bought my daughter a Minnie Mouse purse and the handle broke the same day. The mean lady at the shop refused to replace it. I went to guest services and they replaced it for me. It was just that one wicked witch.

  4. Nooooooo my nana works for off to neverland They are the best I know she books my trips every single time I go to Disney World they are the best if the best and business is running low since the coronavirus but I swear it’s not that big of a deal it’s not as deadly as the flu so who gives

  5. AJ I have a question about DDP and Character Meals. Of course I booked for 4 using ADR because we need a table for 4 and need to use ADR to get character meals BUT I highly doubt we will all need or want to eat at some of the times we were able to get for character meals. Can we just have the kids eat, be in pictures etc…and save some DDP meal credits by not having to use 4DDP credits for each of our character meals?

  6. So glad I watched this video. I checked the special offers on the bottom of the page and was able to apply it to our reservation. It saved me $136. More money for souvenirs. 🙂 THANK YOU!

  7. THANK YOU FOR THE CONNECTED SHOPS! I'm very sun sensitive and have to wear SPF shirts and carry a parasol in addition to standard sunscreen protocol whenever I go to Disney World and not having to be in the sun whenever I first enter the magic Kingdom sounds absolutely magical!

  8. This isn’t really a hack but my mom always said my sister and I had a birthday and then they would give us cupcakes and cards at restaurants and we would bring the cupcakes back to our hotel so that we would have a quick breakfast the next day.

  9. idk if this question will get answered because this video was posted, like, a year and a half ago, but I have two questions about things here:
    1) Can disney gift cards be connected to magic bands? and
    2) I think I heard somewhere that if you buy something at a gift shop in the parks, they can deliver it to your disney resort room so you don't have to carry it around all day. Is that true?

  10. I always keep a few extra pairs of socks with me, nothing is more miserable than walking around wet socks. Also ziploc baggies to keep phones and things dry during storms.

  11. We also find it helpful to have 1 sit down meal a day. In the AC with a server who brings filtered cold water.
    Also, we don’t drink the water out of water fountains because they aren’t filtered like water from a food service. And most importantly everyone is there to have a good time. Be kind. And try not to run over people with your stroller.

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