Ultra Light Packing for World Travel

Ultra Light Packing for World Travel

In this vid I was at Bao Sheng Durian Farm in Penang, Malaysia with Mikkel and Mads from ‘Sweet Natural Living’. They are fruitarian brothers from Norway who have been traveling in Australia and Asia for the past year.

They are the most minimalistic back packers I have ever come across!!!

If you would like to know in more detail what they pack, then check out their video on this topic at their channel ‘Sweet Natural Living’…

Check out their facebook page ‘Sweet Natural Living’ too…on health / fruitarianism / raw food / natural lifestyle / etc….

It was a pleasure hanging out with them in Thailand and Malaysia. They are very interesting and wise young men!

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5 thoughts on “Ultra Light Packing for World Travel

  1. I think these guys are smart. It's a process. The longer you have traveled, the lighter you learn to pack unless you have specific needs. Of course these guys are the extreme travel minimalists. If you go their route you just want to be sure to wash clothes and bathe often maybe use deodorant so you don't smell. This is for the average backpacker tourist; they do not need to dress formally for anything. But what I bet these guys do carry or have access to is cash. So in case anything is needed they can buy it. So for the person who said they look like bums, it only takes a few hours to buy some fancy clothes, shoes, shower and shave for any kind of event-wedding, ceremony, meeting etc.

  2. Well you can travel very light if you dont suffer from hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating).I need many soks to change it often, also t-shirts! Cant wash them daily so i need to have some at me! My shoes stink like hell after 15 hours of flight and moving around from place to place so 2 pairs its a must! I cant wear sandals because my feet sweats so hard that water is pooring out of sandals and i feel so very uncomfortable, i need to wear socks. Those guys says you dont need a towel but you do need one. Some places dosent provide them! I use a large microfiber towel that can be folded into the size of a big fist. I use the same towel at the beach to lay down. You need a few things to be able to feel comfortable!

  3. Wow, yes, very quick, light and convenient, but you travel like a bum.  Not something to take a selfie and send home to brag about.  Just regular packing light (one carry on and day bag) is good enough to look presentable and it's just as quick and convenient, albeit not as light

  4. Hey you can travel the world with just the clothes on your back, but the downside is you will be traveling the world with just the clothes on your back. It is totaly cool to move quick and light but unless you have a lot of money you will be basically living like a bum. Not that there is anything wrong with that. It just depends on your standards and what you can do without.

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