Upshift Travel Compilation: The Best of our World Travels in On Video

We travel all over the world in order to create content for Upshift Magazine as well as our YouTube channel. Here are some highlights from our wanderings since we started this endeavor. It like taking a vacation in 16 minute. #dualsport #adventure #motorcycle #upshift_online
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13 thoughts on “Upshift Travel Compilation: The Best of our World Travels in On Video

  1. Great Video to keep the mind alive!!!

    I have been in lockdown inside my house for 5 weeks now….we are allowed to groceries and that's it. Everything i can fix with what is available is fixed, the projects i can work on have been worked on….
    The need to go riding is so real and the frustration levels are at boiling point. I have plotted out lots of riding around my local area as soon as i am allowed out

  2. upshit_online does some of the best adventure journalism in the business. The video and photography is just amazing! Must be cool to be so well connected but they work at it! BTW – Instagram and the e-magazing are all top notch moto entertainment.

  3. if the world would come to an end and I would be allowed to view one last motorcycle video, this would be it. amazing edit, it brings back memories. very inspiring! thank you!

  4. What an Awesome video to start my day. Lucky we can still ride in my state but its changing fast. Thanks for making life a bit more enjoyable. Stay safe.

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