US and other countries impose travel bans due to omicron variant

ABC News’ Conor Finnegan discusses the reaction to the travel restrictions amid this new variant and how it can affect the world economy.


28 thoughts on “US and other countries impose travel bans due to omicron variant

  1. As long as the dem o rats keep the Southern borders open and thousands of Covid positive people can invade and then be shipped all over the country.. well be ok….

  2. These news stations owes against us instead of for us that lady is a supporter of the virus because they get paid for it that's why she's laughing like it is a big joke that's what get me disgusted about these news people they care less about us besides money.

  3. Good. It's important to prevent the spread. Should we stop taking vaccines because it doesn't fully stop COVID? No. Likewise, we need travel bans.

  4. In the US: Travel ban TO South African….. Traveler comes IN from South African to California= Tests Positive SPREADS…..Whats the point of the travel ban when you let travelers COMING IN ? HUH??

  5. “OMICRON” The Movie……too late! It was a 1963 Italian sci-fi movie that was as bad as the variant but not known to have killed anyone!! 🤣🤣🤣

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