USB World Travel Adapter | Eagle Creek

There are so many different configurations of wall outlets around the world. So before your trip, do your research and make sure you pack what you’ll need to charge and use your electronics no matter where you’re headed. This travel adapter works in over 220 countries because we do what we can to make sure you’re prepped and ready for your journey! Happy travels!

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5 thoughts on “USB World Travel Adapter | Eagle Creek

  1. I bought an (expensive) eagle creek universal adapter from REI about two months ago. On my first trip abroad–to Sierra Leone–I left my computer plugged in to the adapter over night. The next morning the computer battery was fried! I have been trying to remove the fuse to see if it was blown but it's so tightly screwed in, and the plastic is so crappy that I can't take the fuse out without destroying it! If this product didn't cost $60 then I'd just throw it away, but I got it with the confidence that it wouldn't be problematic–I guess I was wrong!

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