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What is ‘Captain Manicorn’?

What is ‘Captain Manicorn’?
Two American adventurers give viewers an inside look as they pursue a never-before-attempted world record to skydive and paraglide in every country in the world. Together, they must overcome impossible obstacles, risk severe injuries, and push every limit in order to fulfill a dream where one wrong decision could cost them their lives.

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In This Episode…
We learned the hard way about van life scammers while trying to buy a new van in Romania for our road trip to every country in the world.


0:00 – Captain Manicorn Intro
0:30 Romanian Gypsy Villages
1:43 Trying to buy a van from a Romanian local
2:30 Why we need a new van
3:19 We find out they are lying to us
5:19 Driving to see a potential campervan
8:00 Discovering a problem with the van
10:03 Deciding not to buy the scammers van
13:00 Time to do a van build


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6 thoughts on “Van life scam in Romania | world travel Vlog

  1. The best advice is to go to a official car repair service and in a big city if possible. The bigger the village/city is, the better. And normally avoid gypsy towns. People there are much poorer than any other minority in Romania which could lead to scams or getting mugged. And if you want to get a new van, Check every van’s history (something even the Romanian government recommended several times) and beware what site you check.

  2. Guys,i strongly recomand you to just fix your vw t4.After getting some love it will last at least 250.000 km.
    It i a lessin i have learnt myself,that within 5000€ budget you can not buy a car that you can rely in straight away.It will set you back at least 2000€ just to put it in running order.So 2000€+5000€ can get you a pretty decent ride with a newer registration title.
    It you look for cheap you will end up paying for more at the end of the day..without considering the nerves and time consumed that you will not gaing back ever.

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