Varsity Tutors’ StarCourse – Navigating World Travel with KELLEE EDWARDS

Calling all virtual voyagers! Pack your bags, set your GPS and dust off your traveling shoes – this class is cleared for take off. Join Kellee Edwards, travel extraordinaire, for world-class tips that will help you navigate your world, both near and far. Exploring over 50 countries thus far, including parts of North and West Africa, Asia, South and Central America, Europe and the UAE, Kellee’s extensive travels have taken her from the frozen tundras of Alaska to the volcanic peaks of Guatemala. Kellee developed a sense of adventure and appreciation for travel during her trek across the country when she moved from Chicago to California as a young child, and she has never looked back. Her expeditions have taught her many of the dos and don’ts of travel, and in this class students will get the chance to explore why adventure is important, what it means to travel outside of your comfort zone, and how to jetset efficiently, safely and enjoyably.

About Kellee
Kellee Edwards is an award-winning travel expert, journalist and television host by land, sea and air. She is also a licensed pilot, advanced open water scuba diver and explorer. A pioneer in her approach to adventure travel, Kellee is passionate about connecting with and inspiring today’s youth. Kellee currently resides in Los Angeles, where she advocates for women in aviation, adventure travel, and diversity in travel and safety.


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