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Chapter Times:
00:00 Intro
00:35 Yamaha Tenere 700 vs WR250R for world travel
02:01 Husqvarna 701 vs CRF300L
03:35 CRF450RL vs CRF300L
05:00 Funny comment
05:06 Will the CRF300L be good with mods?
06:14 Should I wait to buy a bike with the 300’s coming?
08:08 Does the WR250X make a good dual sport?
09:15 CRF300L might have more Torque than the KLX300
10:24 Game Boy?
10:41 My next bike




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29 thoughts on “Viewer Questions 🦄 | T700 or WR250R For World Travel? + 701 Enduro VS CRF300L | Bike Banter E7

  1. Totally agree COS with comment about cost for 2nd hand dual sports versus new. Spent the best part of last month comparing prices. Not seeing any significant savings, not to mention other risks…

  2. Great series of vids…keep up the honest conversation.
    I traded a 2019 Africa twin AS for the T7. Now I realise how good a bike out of the box the AT was…
    The T7 is over rated. It’s clearly built to a price, but in Australia that price is jacked up. Add farkles and it gets expensive real quick.
    Do you own research don’t be swayed by online influencers with unknown motives.
    On a fun/enjoyment v’s $ the WR250 is looking more appealing.
    Ride safe..

  3. I've done world traveling (more than 30 countries explored on a motorcycle) on KLR650, BMWF650 and WR250R. If I were given the choice between a T7 and a WR250R (with all the goodies attached to it to even out the price difference), I would choose the T7 in a heartbeat no questions asked. Why? Because the main factor of world traveling is wearing on the rider. World traveling is a physical strain, you have the riding and all the walking and exploring that you will want to do because you see so much things worth exploring. Add to that the constant stress of having to mend for yourself in an unfamiliar culture and you can get traveling fatigue rather quickly.

    On a world travel you will have to do sections of tarmac even if you try to stick to the unsealed roads. You will have sections of open paved roads with wind beating on you and the WR250R will feel extremely out of place, with every miles feeling like a burden. I used the WR to complete the TAT, many BDR's and 7 countries on the TET. I can tell you the bike has been fantastic for all the roughers trail sections and small paved secondary roads. But it was a bit of a pain on long open roads, whether paved or not.

    That being said, I would still take the WR over the T7 for the TAT, TET and BDR's because, like you, I prefer a lighter nimble bikes for trails, but if I were to go anywhere else to explore the world on a motorcycle I would choose the T7 and keep my off-road musing to easy stuff.

    I'm probably just getting old 😉

  4. Can't wait to test ride the 300 when it gets here, if it's good I'll sell my CRF250 Rally. Like you and many others, I've contacted Honda Australia who have confirmed it's coming but don't know when….or just not saying.

  5. and just now, Dec 7, i get my Youtube notification for this video, lol. Anyone know what that's about? It's happening to all my videos/notifications.

  6. I've crossed Canada on a 17,000km trip on a 650 dual sport and I also have a CB300R. I often thought if they put that 300 engine in a dual sport I wouldn't hesitate to cross Canada with it and that's what Honda has done. I love the 300 engine and my buddies are shocked I can lose them on bigger bikes on twisty roads with it. It's light and agile and those are key. As far as power goes in a dual sport for me it just has to be able to keep up with highway traffic against headwind or long mountain incline and the 300 is, maybe surprising to some, enough. I almost bought a Tenere 700 and then realized I don't want even more weight than my heavy DR650 off road and all 50/50 tires are enough of a compromise on the street the extra power is a waste that eats knobby tires off a bike. Small bikes are fun and so are bikes that aren't down for maintenance so Google most reliable motorcycle brands and pick from the top 4.

  7. I love my 250L Rally that I already own, but if anything were gonna make me swap over to the 300L Rally it's that I end up riding the little single on highway a lot, and that overdriven 6th gear and bigger fuel tank would quite literally get a lot of mileage in my favor

  8. Interesting as always I'm also looking forward to the 300l there supposed to be on sale here in the UK from early next year
    Hopefully they'll be available in Australia as well like you where saying the 300l could have the makings of a great
    Dual sport bike
    All the best from Yorkshire

  9. COS, I’m keenly interested in the new CRF300 platform. My question is, what is the full difference between the L and the Rally and why should I buy either one. I live in a small town and 90% of my writing will just be around town or on local trails where gas stations are plentiful. With that said I’m always intrigued by the wind screen, display set up, and extra fuel of the rally. Are there any other differences I should be recognizing and do you have a personal preference on which one you perhaps would buy. Any particular reason why you would stay away from a particular model?

  10. Having owned quite a few Japanese dual sports i am OK with compromises.
    Lets face it, price point for Japanese bikes is decent compared to the exotics and they have reliability and parts availability going for them.
    That being said i do want a 400/450 cc bike so that i dont have to wring the neck off of a little 250/300, especially loaded.
    High RPM is not fun ad thats why people love the bigger 650/700's as well as the new 2 stroke Enduro bikes that just tractor along.
    So summary; 400/450 FI,6sp and base the power in the mid range more than the WRR and add ABS for highway work,solid rear subframe for a rack and i think this bike will do RTW travel nicely as well as putz around sungle track.
    I mean just put a bigger engine on the WRR.
    I am sick of buying new pipes,carb mods or tuners, even seats and tanks to make a bike useable, it gets expensive and i really appreciate what the Honda250/300 Rally has done for riders. 
    Well done Honda.{just give me more cc's and i am in]

  11. Solid ya can't beat a new bike but in saying that my XT660R was second hand only 2000ks and all the fruit well over a grand worth and still had that new smell a good $4,000 under the cost of new.
    Mate love how you swung that axe at Colm Haughey 🤣🤣🤣.
    I think he was thinking of wheres wally shirt still nothing like laurel and hardy .
    Can't wait to see which bike you get and some new riding videos on it.
    Thanks ✌

  12. Basically it comes down to what you're going to use the bike for. If you're intending to travel the world and need uber reliability, then buy Japanese, if you want to save money on buying and service maintenence, then buy Japanese, if you're wanting to have a great bike and get parts virtually anywhere in the world, then buy Japanese, basically, just buy Japanese….

  13. DAM we think alot alike mate , agreed with darn near all you said 🤣 only in my case with the 300s it would prob come down to witch had the better suspension 😉👍
    keep up the great work mate and keep well 😉🍺

  14. Why have you ruled out the DRZ400? I'm sure its still for sale in Auz? the carb isn't really an issue unless you are changing elevations a lot. and as for maintenance… well I haven't touched my carb in 5 years and still runs great.

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