Warner Bros. Movie World Travel Channel Special

See what Movie World look liked years ago in this tv special.


22 thoughts on “Warner Bros. Movie World Travel Channel Special

  1. I’m watching this in 2021 and all I can say is that movie world has really gone down hill since that day sure there are heaps new rides but there is so little in the parades and the stunt show is really basic and rather boring so i guess it’s the atmosphere has just dropped

  2. If I Was At Warner Bros Movie World The Only Thing I Would Do Is Meet All The Warner Bros Characters From Scooby Doo Batman And The DC Superheroes And Of Course To The Loveable Looney Tunes

  3. Lethal weapon is now arkham asylum roller coaster. It is not as fun as they say. Yes it is a fairly big roller coaster, but only by Australian standards. If you have been to an american or even English theme park, you will be disappointed. 

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