Was it wrong how I dealt with the aisle blocker?

DEAR MISS MANNERS: This weekend I went to do my usual grocery shopping. As I entered the store, the customer in front of me stopped and, due to this being a small store, there was no maneuvering around him and his cart.

He just stood there for a minute as a line of people and carts built up behind him. Eventually he noticed and moved to the side, saying, “Excuse me.” I gave him a nod and moved past him.

He yelled “Excuse me!” at my retreating back — twice. I just continued walking, without responding. I can only think that, for him, my nod was not enough and he wanted some version of “It’s OK” from me.

Well, it wasn’t OK, and I don’t feel that I should have given him the impression that being so inconsiderate is an acceptable thing to do going forward. Am I in the wrong here?

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