We Call This Home – 3 Years Around the World Travel

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3 years – 60 countries. In 2011 I quit my job after saving up and started to travel around the world. I trekked amazing landscapes, checked off the bucket list, hitchhiked, slept anywhere I could, and made countless friends. These are my memories.


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At 0:55 the film goes in chronological order of countries visited except for the snorkeling edit at 1:02.

For a list of locations in the film visit:


Carousel – Let’s Go Home (Sound Remedy Remix)

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Shot with a Nikon D700, Nikon D800, Canon 7D, Gopro 2, Gopro 3, Gopro 4, iphone 4s.

Edited in Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects.


30 thoughts on “We Call This Home – 3 Years Around the World Travel

  1. Damn, I’m from Australia and I remember first watching this when I was 12/13, and at 19 I still wanna travel the world one day. Love this video mate. Looks like you had a great time !!

  2. Whats up! we just stumbled over your incredible account and love your videos. 👍 We are adventuring very much, maybe you'd also want to check for our Cinematic Travel Musicvideo as well 🌴 So lets motivate each other. Enjoy your day, and keep up the fantastic work! 😊

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