Wedding Proposal In Space – Out Of This World Travel Love Story – Brock Johnson

I didn’t want to do a half hearted wedding proposal. Jenna means everything to me and I can’t put into words how much I love her. I spent 6 months creating the concept of the travel video and sending it into space. Hopefully this video gives you a glimpse of how much she means to me.
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October 2011, I told Jenna that I wouldn’t date her until I could see myself marrying her. 3 months later I finally asked her to be my girlfriend.

Over the last four and a half years, we’ve grown, played, traveled and loved together. We’ve supported one another in following our dreams, leaving our comfort zone, and navigating life’s conundrums.

We’ve known it for years, but now its official! Jenna and I are getting married! I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with my best friend, travel buddy, and life partner.


43 thoughts on “Wedding Proposal In Space – Out Of This World Travel Love Story – Brock Johnson

  1. I am twice your age and still active and look much younger. I have one thing to say to you….I am so happy for you. Keep it up! I am cheering for you guys and I am sure everyone who sees this video it doing the same. Awesome!

  2. That was really high up. But there is no outer space! No vaccuum, no gravity. Just a beautiful flat electro magnetic static plane we all share! Couldnt get any higher, yeeeee!!!

  3. Congrraaats! Truly out of this world, 😉Wish you both all the happiness in the world too.
    …& thanks for everything you've already done for many of us, I just signed up for the course, can't wait for August 1st…

  4. Only just saw this video of your proposal Brock, what an amazing and certainly inspirational video – thank you for sharing and inspiring me to pursue developing an internet business to achieve my financial goals.. 🙂

  5. That was AMAZING Brtha & Sista. Wish you guys all the joys n Happiness the world has to offer. I am married man with a beautiful wife n 2 kids & Hope and pray that i too can do this for them. Thanks for sharin brtha. Thanks for Inspiring me but enough bout me. This is about you guys and you 2 are awesome.


  6. Did you edit this video? Whoever edited it did such a great job. I loved it from beginning to end. Im glad im part of your channel this early. Thanks for all youre doing. I hope to meet you one day after im making well over 30k a month to say thank you in person

  7. really really nice guys i am sure you deserve each other. I pray your love will grow even stronger through the years and you truly enjoy the blessings of each other.

    Cant understand why anyone would give this a thumbs down.

  8. This is so awesome! I love seeing videos like this. I can tell you both have a genuine love for eachother, and seeing you two having so much fun together displays the affection shared through all of your adventures! I can't wait to love a girl like this with all of my heart, congrats to you both ☺

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