In this video we finally leave to travel the world full time… again! After our travel plans were getting halted at every turn from the minute we left in early 2020 we spent the last year waiting for the world to be safer and easier to travel again.

Our first day back into full time world travel was a lot more stressful than we had hoped and it seems covid is still throwing some big obstacles our way. Our PCR test result took almost 48 hours to come through and in that time we had to get up at 5am to travel to the airport and board the first leg of our journey without knowing if our PCR test result would arrive in time for us to board our second flight which we couldn’t do without it.

We hoped it would arrive in our inbox whilst we were in the air on our first flight but as soon as we landed in Madrid, Spain and checked our emails there was still no result. We called the company again and they said it’s being processed and should hopefully arrive but that they couldn’t guarantee it. We had three hours until our next flight and needed to check in, we spent the most nerve wracking hour in Madrid airport before finally joining the check in line to explain to the staff the situation and see if there was anything that could be done, or whether we’d have to stay in Madrid and pay for another flight once the PCR test certificate arrives.

It was intense but we are so determined to see the world especially after so many set backs.

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Join us next time as we head straight out to see what Buenos Airies has to offer and immerse ourselves into it’s the oldest neighbourhood; San Telmo we visit the Sunday fair before heading inside the famous covered market for a tasty bite to eat.

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Travel vlog 96 | London, England – Buenos Aires, Argentina | Country #11 | Filmed January 2022

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A British couple from just outside London, England. We got married in 2018 and decided instead of a honeymoon we’d travel the world together. We saved money and travel points, quit our jobs, rented our house out and boarded a one way flight. We started this Youtube channel to share our experiences with friends, family and anyone who plans to travel to the places we’re visiting. We leave TKT tips/facts in our vlogs and blogs to give information that we wish we’d had before visiting. We hope you find our content fun & useful 🙂

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  1. Thanks so much for watching you lovely people!😊

    Since filming this we’ve learned it is ok to drink the tap water in Argentina, so no need to buy big plastic bottles anymore, yay!

    Hope this is helpful for any of you planning to visit Argentina, which if you’re thinking about it, go for it, we’re loving everything so far and can’t wait to share all the awesome places we’ve found. See you next time! 👍🏼

  2. Aw Guys…this is so exciting! Love travel day videos 🤗 so stressful to worry about covid tests 🤦🏻‍♀️
    We were just talking about that feeling you get when arriving in a new country…we could see it in your faces, but it’s so hard to describe in words…we miss it 🥺😭
    We’re so happy that you finally get to continue your world travels and looking forward to all these adventures 🤗🥳

  3. Great 👍, so glad you finally made it to Argentina 🇦🇷. You guys brought back many memories of when I flew to the states. Seeing you on the plane and at the airport. Have fun, will look with enthusiasm on your next video.

  4. You're baaaaaaaaaaaaack!
    Chug it, Kirsty! Chug it! (Never thought I'd use that phrase at airport security.)
    Love the shadow of the plane exploding in size as you land.
    Talk about timing!!! AWESOME!!!
    And there Kirsty goes spilling the beans on the destination…LOL! (Though I guess now that you got the positive news of the negatives, it's no big deal!)
    What an insane check-off-the-list for the two of you! Such an awesome bienvenidos!
    Great drawing skills, Craig!
    This may be one of the most cool zombified travel videos ever. Because you're returning to what you dreamed of doing.

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