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We’re moving and we need your help deciding our first location during our world travel year! We will be traveling to Southeast Asia for a year coming up in March 2018. Spending the year as digital nomads, we have to opportunity to visit Thailand, Bali Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, and a few stops in between. Earlier in the video, we visited the Philadelphia Night Market in Chinatown for their last night market of the season. I hope you enjoy the cinematic vlog style mixed with some life updates. Until next time… Seeya!


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24 thoughts on “WE’RE MOVING | World Travel Year

  1. Just stumbled on this and I was the DJ on stage at the night market. Just wanted to say awesome footage and editing, very talented just subbed and going to share!!! Def go to Philippines I go every year so much to see and do!!! Good luck guys on your travels!

  2. Thanks for the Thoughts. It's been hard times, now going on two months. Still about 65% of the island is with out power and more important, water. "My" two small islands, Vieques and Culebra are still without power. Puerto Rico will still be in your plans for 2019 or 2020, I hope.

  3. Hey Guys if you really want to go to a wonderful place with great people and night life and of course the food well then look into the Island of Cebu in the Philippines my wife was born there and lived there for 38yrs of her life before meeting me. The Philippines is amazing with your lifestyles I cant see how you could pass on going some where else and with one of the worlds best beaches Boracay 45 minute flight from Cebu you will be amazed well I hope this helps you in your decision good luck.

  4. I am looking forward to the videos from Asia for sure. I found you thanks to the PR videos and those were awesome, and I can only imagine what's coming. Super excited for you guys! Have fun and keep us posted.

  5. Thailand will be amazing. I've been to the Philippines a few times, have some good friends there. Manilla is a crazy busy city but not so beautiful and 12 million people can be a bit tight. hahaha If you can get out to the islands like Boracay or into the forest it's an amazing place. Enjoy and take lots of video for us to drool over. Excited for you.

  6. WOW… big news Stacia and Ryan!
    It is very sad about Puerto Rico because we were all there last February enjoying all of it's beauty…the people and landscape.
    I'm happy to follow your vlog wherever you go!

  7. Glad you had a good time at the festival. Have fun planning your year-long adventure. So you'll be working from the cloud on any business needs? I don't have any recommendations except to say that I know of one kid (30) who went around there and had cheaper nights, though, I kid you not, some of the hostels were designed the size of coffin-like structures within a bigger room. Were obviously meant only as places to sleep and not to hang out during the day… I think that odd (but clean looking) coffin place was in Hong Kong. You should try it! You'd have to get separate coffins tho 🙁  hehe. Awesome you can do an adventure like that!

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