19 thoughts on “What a DIFFERENT world ! TRAVEL to ALBANIA | SHKODËR🇦🇱

  1. Byanca you are actually in a very interesting City of Shkoder, learn about the history and how the first European ppl were living and how or were came from and Shkoder was like the epicentre of everything, that's the beginning of pretty much everything, ie pp,l language and trades and Shkoder was like the metropolitan City of then, talk about history ppl would follow your channel more,learn and ask, and prices ofc but make videos based on culture, history would be a great start then can go with places and prices, your channel will grow, Shkoder has been there since ever, tourist know so little for one of the oldest cities in Europe if not the oldest, if you read the true story about Shkoder and share that with subscribers it will make your channel grow, believe you me,You just don't know how lucky you are to be in Shkoder not rich in money but very overlooked history.

  2. Hi, Great video as always; Love the amazing scenery of Albania, it looks SO beautiful there. It looks like it would be fun to do a little bit of bicycle touring of the surroundings there. Have a great one!.

  3. Wow, Albania looks so pretty (and it's great to see their gyms are open, many still aren't in the states). I'm really glad I found your channel, I've been researching where I want to go next once the world opens back up, and Albania is certainly on the list! With travel being the driver behind my financial journey, I love seeing and learning with videos like this to contextualize what life is like around the world. Thanks for sharing, just subscribed!

  4. Thanks for making us discover Albania Byanca, you are looking beautiful as always! 😍 I love your channel. Come and visit us as well one day, would love to share what we've been up to 💚💚💚

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