What I Packed For 6 Months Of World Travel (Carry-on, Minimalist Packing Tips)

Packing for an around-the-world trip with just a carry-on!
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Hey guys!

I am finally getting around to doing this packing video! You guys have requested it so many times on Instagram, and now that my life is starting to feel normal again, it is the perfect time to do it! In this video I’m showing you all the things I packed for 6 months of world travel.

Last year, 2016, Nick and I sold all of our belongings to embark on an around-the-world trip. We literally only owned the things we had on our backs and it was both crazy and liberating. For our travels we chose to only bring a carry-on sized backpack plus one personal item each (his was another of my purses haha). By not checking luggage we saved a bunch of money and it was easier to move around. Even if you are not embarking on any long-term travels, traveling with just a carry-on is a great idea! It will save you time, money, and effort and you won’t ever have to worry about the airline losing your luggage.

Watch the video if you want to learn tips on traveling lighter or just more efficient packing all together. I’m also linking some really important travel products shown in this video down below:

Backpack: (new, improved version!)
Tote Bag:
Camera Bag:
Camera: (shown on video) (currently using)
TSA liquids pouch:
Water-proof phone pouch:
Universal Adaptor:
Portable charger:
Laptop: (Updated, currently using this one!)

Let me know if you like this video so I can keep doing them! If you have any travel/packing related questions or video suggestions comment below!

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xx, Karen


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30 thoughts on “What I Packed For 6 Months Of World Travel (Carry-on, Minimalist Packing Tips)

  1. You have to cover the shoes and the rolling is supposed to be really neat and very tight! you NEVER needed all those adaptors ..you need one that does every country or else it is a waste of space and weighs a lot and to be frank is a pain in the arse! NEVER stuff clothes into shoes that is vile ..the bacteria transfers onto the clothing! put clothes into ziplock bags and remove the air ,also into compression packing cubes! you had plenty of space as you didn't take many clothes but why 5 pairs of shoes? more tops and at least a couple more shorts and skirts would be more useful …

  2. Please don't put any kind of clothes inside any pair of shoes without using something like a plastics bag (to protect it from the endless germs in and out of the shoes).

  3. This was amazing so useful, I love how you showed how you packed and I also love that it wasn't jus basic, you had heels, you still want to loo good. As a blogger I am struggling with the balance of packing light and still looking stylish for instagram which is essentially my job too so thanks <3

  4. Thanks for the video! It's dope to see what other couples do to make long term travel work. We've just launched our own travel series about our annual long term travels and we really appreciate watching others videos and seeing what they do. Thanks for tips and sharing your experience with us, we appreciate it!

  5. Nice video, thanks for the tips! Way too many shoes for me, lol. I can't wear heels and wear a lift so that cuts my shoes a bunch. Where did you purchase your osprey? And I think I would use a nylon or other sturdy fabric tote to lighten the load as much as I love my leather tote. πŸ™‚ thanks for sharing!

  6. I didn't see any undies or did i miss it and blink lol! 5 pairs of shoes is a lot ,i would have probably left out one or two pairs to fit a few more tops and shorts in x

  7. Nice video! I like the style of clothes and the stuff you brought! However, I must say that to me this still represents a quite comfortable way of traveling. As a minimalist though, I think 5 swimsuits, 5 pairs of shoes and that many clothes are definitely not necessary. Cut 2 of each and you still have more than minimalists would bring πŸ™‚

  8. Great video girl! I'm planning my world trip now so this topic is really important for me. So I want to double check: you had a backpack and 2 bags on you as a carry on and never had problems with airlines?

  9. I noticed you have a Quip Toothbrush and I have one too! How did you get your new toothbrush heads from them while you were on the road? Or did you not worry about that until you came home? I am leaving in two months and that is one of the last things I really need to figure out!

  10. Best video i've seen so far on minimalist packing for girls. Minimalist and you could bring nice clothes to change cause we can travel but still look good lol. Seriously i'm so impressed and it gave me ideas to pack my clothes.

  11. Love your style. It drives me nuts that most packing videos have the most boring clothes. Glad to see that you were able to balance style and packing bulk. Great video πŸ™‚

  12. I love your videos and really enjoyed this one as I dream of backpacking the world too but i found it extremely disturbing the way you brought up you owning real leather- that's the skin of a dead animal who was tortured, beaten, underfed for its short life and just cause it's more expensive and you had the money to buy it that doesn't make it brag worthy! That seemingly meaningless white tote bag was once an innocent being, I know you probably didn't fully understand the industry but in the future please consider the life that was taken before buying and/or promoting leather!

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