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Our last few days in Mexico City consisted of us traveling to El Centro Mexico City, the Garibaldi Plaza, Alameda Park, and the Xochimilco Hanging Garden Canals. Our stay here has been nothing short of incredible, and we learned so much about this beautiful city and most importantly ourselves!! Thank you to our airbnb hosts Rodo and Dan for letting us staying at their place, conveniently located to everything we needed for 3 weeks! We’ve had so much fun on our first leg of our journey and can’t wait to see what else Mexico has to offer! Keep up with our adventures and follow us as we explore our next destination, Tulum! Appreciate all of you who support us and watch our videos, it honestly means so much! Much love and see you on the next video!

This entire video was filmed on the iPhone 12 mini!



10 thoughts on “What is Success?? | Family World Travel | Final Days in Mexico City! | 4K

  1. To me is sounds like your friends was saying that hey……………………be careful, you have 2 kids also. If you guys would have been just you 2 ok then as you understand a way different story. Ok so, if you are plannig on doing this for years to come, where is the kids going to go to school or are they home schooled ? Ok, other an that good luck. Many people have dreams but they can't or want to take that chance to change so good for you. Hopefully everything works out and you can make money also doing this.

  2. Juan Gabriel performed alot there at the palace of arts and also they had his memorial ceremony there just so beautiful. He died back in 2016. And then they have that museum wow, where the astic calender is placed that big round stone wow. I did see it all.

  3. WOW, nice couple you are. Never seen your videos before. Hey, to speak of being there and getting in to that church I did also very beautiful. Ok, my girlfriend then and she is from Mexico city so anyway, long story short I asked her to join me going in there and she did not and I was kind of shocked and I asked why…………she said that no way I'm going in there the Spaniards people built that. I did not understand but I learned that many Mexicans don't care for those beauty because of the Spaniards tok over the country then. Ok, beside all of that to me Mexico is a beautiful country with lots of history and beautiful people and everything else. Good luck with what you are doing. You are still young and you have time to live and enjoy so enjoy life just like Frida said VIVA LA VIDA and Juan Gabriel sang his songs like AMOR ETERNO and ASI FUE. Rest in peace to both of them grande artista.

  4. The joy & love between you two radiate thru the screen (the kids look so happy), so congratulations on living your dream & thank you for giving us the opportunity to be part of it. Safe travel & cheers! We love you.

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